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WWE MSG live results: Cena vs. Styles; Ambrose vs. Rollins vs. Owens


Submitted by Mike Omansky & Charles Machalow from Madison Square Garden

 -  The Usos defeated The Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows)

This was a good, fast-paced opener where all four had their working shoes on. The crowd was into the Usos. Anderson was pinned after a kick to the head by one of the Usos and a splash off the top rope by the other. The match went about 15 minutes.

- Apollo Crews defeated Sheamus

Crews won with a roll-up in an adequate match. Nothing special. People seemed to like Crews.

- Alberto Del Rio defeated Zack Ryder

Del Rio won with the armbar in a fast-moving competitive match. Crowd was into both guys. Numerous near falls near the end.

- Backstage, a Kevin Owens promo aired. He said he plans to win the triple threat match tonight and leave the Garden with the title.

- Mark Henry & Jack Swagger defeated the Social Outcasts (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel)

Very one-sided match with some comedy by the victims. Henry pinned Axel with the World’s Strongest Slam. Good for what it was. 

- Chris Jericho defeated Neville

This was advertised as a street fight but the match was contested under normal rules. Big reaction for Jericho coming in. He did a heel promo in the ring to try and turn the crowd. The audience did the opposite of everything he said. Some good moves by Neville with some good back and forth action. Jericho won with the Codebreaker after Neville came off the top rope.

- John Cena defeated AJ Styles

Terrific match that went over 35 minutes. Anderson and Gallows accompanied Styles to the ring and interfered several times. They were thrown out by the ref after about 10 minutes. 

The match had sections where Styles “outwrestled” Cena to escape. Crowd was incredibly into this and were split between the two. Both kicked out of each other’s finishers along the way and kept up a pretty intensive pace the longer the match went.

About 30 minutes in, there was a ref bump and Cena made Styles tap out with no ref. Anderson and Gallows ran in again, double-teamed Cena, and threw Styles on top. Heels pushed the ref in the ring, but Cena kicked out at two. Shortly after there was a second ref bump. 

Anderson and Gallows again jumped in to beat up Cena, but the Usos ran out to make the save. The two tag teams fought and cleared each other out. The ref recovered and Cena hit the AA for the win. Really impressive for a house show match.

Crowd was mostly happy to see Cena win and he got a better reaction than anyone else on the show.

- Becky Lynch defeated Natalya

Lynch won after reversing a Sharpshooter attempt into a Dis-Arm-Her. Not much to this, fans didn’t seem to care.

- There was a video with Seth Rollins saying he’s in New York and better than everyone else here.

- WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated The Wyatt Family in a 6-man tag

There was non-stop action in this match. Big E and Kingston double-teamed Rowan and got the pin. Very strong performance by Bray Wyatt. All six men worked hard.

- WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins to retain his title

Owens tossed Rollins then Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds to pin Owens. Very solid match.

There were funny spots where Rollins and Owens would throw each other out of the ring. Both a table and chair were brought into play along the way. Crowd was tired by this point but still liked the match, though they didn't care about it as much as Cena vs. Styles. Fans were strongly behind Ambrose but seemed to like all three.

There was a return date announced for December 26th and it was billed as a WWE Holiday Tour show. Tickets were available after the show and are on sale on Ticketmaster now with the presale code WWELIVE.