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WWE Network adds unseen footage from Yokozuna/Luger slam


If you are still feel patriotic following the 4th of July, this week’s Hidden Gem on the WWE Network has your back.

This week’s upload pretty much has everything regarding Lex Luger’s big push in the summer of 1993: the “I’ll Be Your Hero” music video, footage of Luger touring the United States on the Lex Express bus, b-roll footage of Luger’s babyface turn on the USS Intrepid on July 4, 1993 where slammed Yokozuna and the WWE title match at that year's SummerSlam. The footage runs slightly over the three hour mark.

The patriotic push came after Luger had an initial middling run as a heel, the Narcissist. The original plan was for him to defeat Yokozuna for the WWE title at SummerSlam 1993, but the win was pushed to WrestleMania X. By the time that show rolled around, plans changed again and ultimately Luger never got over in the way WWE was hoping for.

Luger jumped to WCW in 1995 and won the WCW title once before the company folded in 2001.