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WWE Network surpasses two million subscribers for WrestleMania


The WWE's promotion of WrestleMania for free led to a total of 2,124,000 subscribers worldwide for the Network for its biggest show of the year.

The paid total was 1,808,000, up nine percent from the 1,661,000 paid for last year's WrestleMania. It should be noted that the past several months had a $9.99 price for three months instead of one month which was going to lead to an increase in the total number.

WWE also touted that there were 25.2 million hours viewed in total among the subscribers over this past week, beating last year's number of 22.5 million. This would mean that the average time a viewer spent on the Network in total over the past week was up and the average number of paid subscribers for the first three months of the year was 1.56 million, up from the expected total of 1.53 million. Keep in mind a lot of that was discounted offers.

The key to the discounted offers is the hope that those subscribers stay and pay the full $9.99 going forward, and it really won't be until the August numbers come in that you can fairly compare the two years.

However, WWE also noted that its anticipated OIBDA for the first three months of 2018 would be about $30 million, above its projections from a few months ago where the first quarter OIBDA would be $23 million to $27 million.

Management predicts total OIBDA in 2018 to hit $145 million, up from its $140 million projection. It's fairly certain at this point that 2018 will be the most profitable year in company history.