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WWE News: Long odds for Night of Champions

There are unusually long odds in at two different agencies for Night of Champions.  Usually the long odds, which come when the late "smart money" comes in, isn't until maybe an hour or so before the start of the show.

However, whenever the odds are super long, in better than 95 percent of the cases over the past few years, the winners have been correct.  There are occasional misses.

As of last word, here were odds:

Stardust & The Ascension were 135-to-1 favorites.

Dolph  Ziggler was a 135-to-1 favorite.

The Dudleys were 45-to-1 favorites.

Kevin Owens was a 45-to-1 favorite.

Charlotte was a 135-to-1 favorite.

The Wyatt Family were 135-to-1 favorites.

John Cena was a 45-to-1 favorite over Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins was a 60-to-1 favorite over Sting