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WWE News: Smart money appears to be in for SummerSlam

The odds for SummerSlam have gotten extremely long which historically has been a sign that smart money bets have come in.

There are a few surprises given that fact, including Undertaker as a 9-to-1 favorite over Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins as a 20-to-1 favorite over John Cena.

Here are the latest betting odds for Summerslam and it would appear the "smart money" has come in.

Seth Rollins(favorite) -2000 vs John Cena +1000

Ryback(favorite) +2000 vs The Miz +1400 vs The Big Show +2000

Prime Time Players +2100 vs New Day(favorties) -2750
vs Lucha Dragons +3000 vs Los Matadores +4000

The Undertaker(favorite) -900 vs Brock Lesnar +500

Sheamus(favorite) -2750 vs Randy Orton +1250

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose(favorites) -900 vs The Wyatt Family +500

Stephen Amell and Neville(favorites) -6000 vs Stardust and King Barrett +2000

Kevin Owens(favorites) -4500 vs Cesaro +1500

Dolph Ziggler(favorite) -530 vs Rusev +350

PCB(favorite) -2750 vs Team Bella +2000 vs Team BAD +2100