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WWE NXT 4-18-15 house show results: Hideo Itami, Sami Zayn, Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

Submitted by Ross Blair

From the Maxwell Snyder Armory in Jacksonville, FL

- Solomon Crowe defeated Chad Gable

- Jason Jordan defeated Bull Dempsey

- Bayley & Carmella defeated Becky Lynch & Dana Brooke. Bayley was clearly the most over in this match.

- Sami Zayn pinned Baron Corbin after the helluva kick. Zayn reached his hand out to Corbin after the finish, who left him hanging to draw some heel heat. Kevin Owens, with his NXT belt over his shoulder, then appeared from the back to mock Zayn for attempting to shake hands with Corbin after a heated battle. “If you think you are ever going to take this (holds up belt) away from me by acting this way, think again because THAT is pathetic. Sami, YOU are pathetic.” Owens also addressed “the pathetic people of Jacksonville” that hollered for him to “go back to Canada” before bragging about the “injury” that kept Zayn off TV for a bit. Zayn responded by challenging Owens to a match. Owens simply responded "no" and walked to the back.

- NXT Women’s Champ Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte via submission in a non-title match. Lot of whoos here, from both Charlotte and the crowd. Tied with the main event for best match of the night.

- NXT Tag Champs Blake & Murphy defeated The Vaudevillains via screw job when Blake held Gotch’s leg as Murphy got the pinfall. The Vaudevillains and their comedy act were over huge as the babyfaces here. The champs came out wearing lighted-up masks (house lights were dimmed to enhance this) which looked pretty cool.

- Tye Dillinger defeated Mojo Rawley. Big pops for both entrances, again proving this crowd was behind every NXT superstar. About a dozen people in the crowd held up signs with the number zero on it to taunt Tye “The Perfect 10” Dillinger, who holds up a sign with the number ten on it as part of his gimmick.

- Hideo Itami defeated Tyler Breeze via pinfall. Excellent match and great to see both guys in this setting, as either could be called up at any time.