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WWE NXT 4-29-15 TV Report: Sami Zayn vs Alex Riley, road to Takeover begins

By Emerson Witner, and Wrestling Outsiders Podcast

The champ is here to kick off the show. Owens said that he was going to get rid of Alex Riley for good last week, but little Sami Zayn had to play hero. Owens is here, with his fists taped, ready for a fight and not a sneak attack. This brought out Mr. William Regal, who you may recall is the General Manager, who told Kevin he will not make orders.

Kevin told him he did not invite William out here, he invited Sami Zayn out here and that brought out the former champion. Mr. Regal stopped Sami before he could get in the ring and made the announcement that on May 20 at NXT Takeover, it will be Owens vs Zayn for the title.

Owens said Zayn did nothing to deserve a title shot, playing off how Owens got a title shot in February. Kevin said there is no way he is putting the title on the line. Sami said Kevin needs this match because anything Kevin has ever done in his career has had his name next to it. Zayn even went as far as saying Owens has been living in his shadow. Zayn said he fights for a prize, which is the NXT Championship.

Owens angrily accepted a title match and told Zayn this is the biggest mistake of his career.

- Greg L'Astname finally got a last name: Hamilton, who was there to plug the house shows next month. Enzo, Colin and Carmella walked up and shouted all over each other until the boys left her alone. This brought in Blake and Murphy. They insulted Enzo and Cass, so she said bye bye to them. Alexa Bliss walked up and told her to carry herself with more class. Blake and Murphy then walked up to console Alexa after Carmella told her off.

- William Regal already had the contract drawn up for Sami to sign. Alex Riley said he knows he can beat Kevin Owens. He has only whooped him twice I guess. Sami tried to console Alex, telling him to hang on, so Alex told him off. This led to a match made for tonight.

Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy defeated NXT Tag Team Champions Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy in a non-title match

Enzo and Colin continued their verbal dual with the Tag Team Champs to set up this non title bout. Remember when Blake and Murphy didn't win a match for what seemed like 8 months?

As always Enzo got very little offense, as the heels beat down the certified G. He actually gave Blake a jawbreaker before making the hot tag. Colin took care of both foes, including a sidewalk slam for a 2 count. Amore missed a flying cross body and got heaved to the mat. Murphy flirted with Carmella, so Cass booted him in the face and Enzo pinned him after a Rocket Launcher.

- Becky Lynch did a pre-taped video feature talking about how she left home at 15, trained in Japan and whatnot so she could be champion.

- Bayley did a promo with Devin Taylor, saying she couldn't be ready for her match tonight without her t-shirt and her head bands. After she walked out, Emma walked in holding them. What a fiend!

- A video on Baron Corbin aired. I am pretty sure it's the same video that aired 3 months ago.

Dana Brooke pinned Bayley

Bayley didn't seem too sad by her lack of headbands and t-shirt on the way to the ring. Well let's see if Dana Brooke's second match is any better than her first. They trusted her to be on twice, which is something they did not trust Eva Marie to do.

Bayley carried her to a pretty decent second match. The good news is Dana did not throw a single punch. The bad news is she replaced that with the Diva Cat Fight Spot, which looks out of place on Raw, much less NXT. Dana hit a Wasteland for a 2 count and use the Single Leg Crab on the surgically repaired knee of Bayley.

Bayley made her comeback and showed just how much better she is. She went to the middle rope for...Some Move, when Bayley's music started and Emma came out, wearing Bayley's shirt and headbands. It distracted Bayley and Dana won with her Michinoku Driver/Slam.

- William Regal announced that Hideo Itami, Tyler Breeze and Finn Balor will have a Triple Threat #1 Contender's Match at NXT Takeover on May 20.

Hideo Itami pinned Adam Rose

Poor Leo Kruger. I know I say that every single time he sports entertains on tv, but he was so much better as a Bounty Hunter. Rose is wearing those stupid black and grey striped pants he has and I think Hideo hated them as much as I do, because he keeps kicking at them. Rose got a little bit of offense, but Itami dominated and won with the one legged kick.

- Bayley was looking for Emma backstage, but couldn't find her. Bayley said they aren't friends anymore since Emma stole her stuff.

Becky Lynch submitted Sarah Dawson

It's 8:45 and we still have a main event, so I am thinking Sarah Dawson doesn't last too long. The fans tried to start a Sarah Dawson chant, but it didn't pick up. Sarah did get a pair of one counts, but Becky just destroyed her, eventually winning with the armbar submission.

- Rhyno made a challenge to Baron Corbin. Apparently he watched that 3 month old music video for the first time and was quite upset by this.

Sami Zayn defeated Alex Riley by DQ

Kevin Owens joined the broadcast table. The last time he did this he beat the crap out of the announcer sitting next to him. It's been real, Byron Saxton. Owens made fun of Riley's rage and being locked in a cage. A-Ry put up a better fight against Zayn than Owens did. Owens pointed out that Sami was the shortest reigning NXT Champion of all time as Riley got a 2 count off a dropkick.

Zayn pulled down the top rope, sending A-Ry outside, leading to Zayn flying out of the ring with his flip dive. Owens threw down the headset, ran over and attacked Zayn for the dq!

After throwing Zayn head first on the ramp, Owens turned to leave, changed his mind and gave Riley the power bomb on the ring apron! Owens laughed as he walked away, holding the championship aloft.

Well, that does it for this week. Until next week, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!