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WWE NXT 4-8-15 TV Report: Hideo Itami highlights Axxess recap show


Hideo Itami

By Emerson Witner, & Wrestling Outsiders Podcast

I was at Axxess the night this episode was taped, but I was doing everything but watching the matches. Actually when Itami won the tournament I was standing 200 feet away meeting Kevin Owens.

- We got a random video of stuff from Axxess. Sadly nothing of me.

- They tried to say it was an 8 man tournament for the spot in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, which was not the case. Finn Balor beat Baron Corbin, Tyler Breeze beat Bull Dempsey, Hideo Itami beat Jason Jordan and Adrian Neville beat Kalisto. I have no idea when those matches happened except I can guarantee they did not happen Thursday night.

In a semi-final match, Hideo Itami pinned Adrian Neville

Neville was my pick not only to win the tournament, but also to win the battle royal at Mania. Well we saw how well that played out. This turned into a pretty good match. A step above NXT tv show match, but a step below NXT Takeover match. Neville worked as the de facto heel and the fans were really into Itami's comeback. Hideo picked up the win with the running one legged kick.

In the other semi-final match, Finn Balor pinned Tyler Breeze

We jump right into our second semi final. Sadly they didn't air Tyler's entrance. I remember a pretty good pop for that. This match was a disappointment from the opener. This was actually taped first and they should have aired them in order as the first match was a hard worked, awesome match and this match was opening match on NXT level. Balor won with the double foot stomp.

- Dana Brook is coming next week. I hugged her at Axxess.

- A video on the NXT house show aired. They played the Adrenaline Rush song that used to be TNA's theme song and ironically Rhyno was on screen when they started playing it.

- Next week: Sami Zayn vs Rhyno

In the finals of the tournament to determine the final entrant in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania, Hideo Itami pinned Finn Balor

One of these two men are going to WrestleMania with the opportunity to be eliminated by the Big Show! The other will start doing dark matches on SmackDown this week. I wonder which is better?

This was another really good match for Itami and for the first time since Balor debuted, Itami outworked Finn. Itami hit a Tornado DDT dropping Finn throat first on the top rope, which may be the most unique thing I have seen in a long time. The finish saw Hideo go for the GTS, Finn escape and roll Itami up for a 2 count, but Hideo got to his feet and won with the running kick!


- After the match Hideo and Finn shook hands and hugged. They did not show the post-match moment when Tatsumi Fujinami came out and congratulated him.

- The show finished with a really good video package, documenting Hideo from signing with WWE last July all the way to WrestleMania.

That's it for this week! This week is fun, but you can skip it and not feel like you missed a single thing. Until next week, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!