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WWE NXT 5-13-15 TV Report: Tyler Breeze and Adam Rose battle Hideo Itami and Finn Balor


By Emerson Witner, & Wrestling Outsiders Podcast

The show started with a video package showing the John Cena-Sami Zayn match from Raw a few weeks ago, concentrating on Sami's shoulder injury. This led to nothing but an announcement of a Zayn-Owens face to face for tonight.

Baron Corbin pinned Solomon Crowe

Happy 29th Birthday to my brother Brian and the show kicks off with his favorite wrestler, Solomon Crowe, going one on one with Baron Corbin. I don't like his odds. Solomon ran at him at the bell, but Baron quickly cut him off. The fans turned on Baron in this match, chanting “boring” and “Baron's Gonna Bore You”. The announcers ignored it and Baron won a slightly longer match than usual, with the End of Days.

Rhyno came out after the match, calling Baron the “other unstoppable force” and challenging Baron again. This led to a giant brawl that needed security to break it up.

- Earlier this week Finn Balor said that he will win the Triple Threat Match at Takeover and he doesn't care who he faces for the NXT Title.

- Tyler Breeze also cut a pre-taped promo saying he will win the Triple Threat Match at Takeover and also doesn't care who he faces for the NXT Title. This is getting redundant.

- Before her bout, Sasha Banks said that Becky got lucky last week and that next week she won't be as lucky.

NXT Women's Champion Sasha Banks defeated A Local Diva

The Boss is in the house and 7 days before defending the 8 pounds of silver against Becky Lynch, she is here to take on A Local Diva In Black Shorts. The fans had a half hearted dueling chants of “Let's go Sasha/Let's go black shorts”. This was, as expected, a squash match, with Sasha getting the win going into her big title match.

- Backstage, Charlotte and Bayley cut a weird promo, challenging Dana Brooke and Emma to a tag team match at Takeover. Oh God, they are putting Dana Brooke on live tv.

- To answer the question from last week, the large, bald, black man was Uhaa Nation. I had no idea. Thank you to the 37 people who kindly emailed and tweeted me. He still doesn't have a name.

Alexa Bliss pinned Carmella

This match was set up two weeks ago when Alexa stuck her nose in an argument Carmella was having with Blake & Murphy. Speaking of the champs, after one minute of “action” they walked to the ring to watch this match. They blew something fierce, as Alexa was going for a hip toss where she flipped off the middle rope, but she landed on her ass.

Carmella got on the head scissors, but Blake and Murphy got up on the apron, distracting Carmella. Alexa hit a punch to the lower back and the Sparkle Splash for the win. The fans chanted “You look stupid” and I seriously couldn't tell you which person they were chanting at. I still think this leads to Carmella turning heel.

- Blake and Murphy got in the ring and told Carmella that when you hang out with garbage, you smell like trash. Carmella screamed every syllable in reply, saying Enzo and Cass are winning next week.

- Hideo Itami cut a promo and actually said he wanted to face Kevin Owens. I can't believe someone actually picked one of them. He said Owens was a bad person who doesn't respect the championship.

- Emma and Dana Brooke accepted the challenge for the tag team match next week. Dana is a 12 year old girl, saying she is not “jelly” of Charlotte. Seriously, was jealous too hard to say?

Tyler Breeze and Adam Rose defeated Hideo Itami and Finn Balor

Adam Rose left the Rose Buds at home for his entrance, causing fewer people to care. Rose is the only person not involved in the #1 Contender's Match next week, so I think I need to call up an off short betting site to make bets on who does the job in this match.

Hideo and Finn keep giving each other the stink eye when tagging in and out. Buddy Wayne would not stand for this tagging, as Hideo and Finn seem to be trying their best to slap each others hand as hard as possible. The heels got the heat on Finn, but no one seemed to care at all, especially when Rose is going for pinfalls. Rose did show more than he has in a long time, using a beautiful spine buster and a Boston Crab at one point.

Finn made the hot tag to Hideo after a Pele Kick to Rose. Itami tagged in and went all kick happy on his foes. Balor blind tagged himself in after a corner dropkick, but before he could give Breeze the Double Foot Stomp Itami tagged himself in. With the partners arguing, Breeze rolled up Itami and got the surprising win! I need to get my money back...

-After the match Breeze shoved Itami into Balor and laid out Finn with a Beauty Shot and then laid out his partner with a Supermodel Kick. So maybe they replace Hideo with Rose?

-Another video package focusing on Sami Zayn's injury. Sami did a promo after the match saying that he injured his shoulder while hyping the crowd up. He doesn't know the extent of the injury, but is hopeful that it's not too bad. They still pushed the match will happen next week.

-This is the scheduled card for next week's NXT Takeover: Unstoppable. Of course injuries to Sami and Hideo may and probably will switch some things around:

  • Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn for the NXT Title
  • Finn Balor vs Tyler Breeze vs Hideo Itami for the #1 Contender status
  • Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch for the Woman's Title
  • Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy vs Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy for the tag team titles
  • Baron Corbin vs Rhyno
  • Charlotte & Bayley vs Dana Brooke & Emma

The main event was a face to face confrontation with Zayn and Owens. They edited in audio of Zayn saying “I injured myself wrestling John Cena, but I will face you next week”. Zayn demanded to know why Owens attacked him and treated him this way. Zayn wondered if it was just jealousy because he got here first and if that means if Sami didn't get here and pave the way that maybe he wouldn't be able to come to NXT. Owens stood quietly as Zayn asked about Kevin's son wearing a Sami Zayn shirt to school instead of a Kevin Owens shirt.

Instead of answering, Owens just turned and walked away. Zayn angrily shouted at the champ, who finally stopped at the top of the ramp. Owens said that he knows the truth. The truth is Zayn went home after Takeover: Rival because Kevin hurt him. Kevin knows exactly what the injury is and at Takeover he is going to injure him again and this time Sami won't be coming back. The show went off the air with Sami staring at where Kevin was.

What happens next week? Tune in and until then, make sure to say your vitamins and take your prayers!