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WWE NXT 5-27-15 results & TV report: Kevin Owens vs. Solomon Crowe, Samoa Joe returns

By Emerson Witner, & Wrestling Outsiders Podcast

The Big News

I now do a “The Big News” header. Plus this was the Kevin Owens Show. He started the show with a 15 minute promo and ended the show destroying Solomon Crowe before having another meeting with Samoa Joe.

Show Recap

The show opened with a very nice video package recapping everything that happened on Takeover last week. We went inside the arena and the first thing we hear is Sami Zayn's happy, uplifting music. However instead of the former NXT Champion, we got the current NXT Champion! Kevin Owens is here, wearing a John Cena shirt.

They were able to splice in footage of Owens laying out Cena this past Monday, combined with promoting the show Sunday. Owens mockingly said he was going to issue an NXT Title Open Challenge, but he is not an insecure person who needs to defend his title every week to make people like him. Owens said he is not a bad person, he is a good man. He is a good man because we will never hear Sami's “horrendous song” because of what he did last week. People should not be surprised or upset because he did what he told Zayn he was going to do.

He also said he was a good person because when Samoa Joe came out and the arena exploded, he allowed the fans to live in that moment. He is not scared of Samoa Joe and the reason he backed down is because he wanted the fans to have a positive note to go home to. He noted that if Joe ever steps in the ring with him again he will drop him. He also promised to drop John Cena this Sunday and prove that the real champ is here.

This brought out Mr. William Regal, who said the only reason Owens still works here after headbutting William last week is because Mr. Regal attacked him first. Regal noted that Riley, Neville, Zayn and Itami all got taken out since he started. Owens said that he did not attack Itami and that he told Zayn what would happen. He also blamed William for making the match, knowing what would happen.

This brought out Solomon Crowe, who is tired of listening to this garbage. Crowe said Owens is scared that on any given moment someone from the back could beat him for the title. Crowe said he is a piece of crap. Owens said he was such a good guy that Crowe earned himself an opportunity against Owens. Owens said we will add Crowe to the list of people stretchered out after tonight.

- They re-aired the video where Hideo Itami was left lying last week. Hideo cut a pre-taped promo that someone attacked him last week. He doesn't know who, but when he returns from his shoulder injury there will be no stopping him.

- Last week, Zack Ryder was at Takeover, sitting next to Mojo Rawley, of all people. Mojo ran in and screamed and yelled about being hyped. Well someone is back.

Emma (w/Dana Brooke) submitted Bayley

Bayley now has slap bracelets she gives out before the match to little children. There was a little girl dressed like Spiderman in the crowd, which seemed oddly out of place. Emma got new, more serious music and no longer dances or even teases the pull up to get in the ring. This match was not bad. Not good, but certainly better than the last time these two had a one on one match. Emma won with the Emma Lock.

After the match, Dana Brooke ran in for a 2-on-1 beat down until Charlotte walked in for the save. She seriously was in no hurry getting to the ring to make the save for her friend. Charlotte got a brief flurry on them, but got laid out, leaving our heel girls standing tall.

- Last week Baron Corbin was happy with his win, calling himself the only unstoppable force. Rhyno stampeded in and wanted a rematch.

- The Becky Lynch video aired. It's a very good video but they really air it a lot, don't they?

NXT Tag Team Champions Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy (w/Alexa Bliss) defeated Mike Wallace & Elias Sampson

Blake and Murphy must have been having flashbacks to 5 months ago when they were the nameless, faceless jobbers. It is so weird to see teeny tiny, pixie-like Alexa Bliss as a heel. The champs got the heat on Wallace, who looked pretty good. His offense is crisp, his selling is good and this may be the start of something for him. Sampson has been used a few times and isn't bad himself. The champs won with their running vertical suplex/frog splash combo. The fans chanted for Enzo and Colin to no avail. Alexa and her boys cut a promo after. Alexa pointed out that Staten Island is a garbage dump and next week when the girls wrestle she is sending Carmella back to the garbage dump.

Finn Balor pinned Tye Dillinger

Finn's entrance seemed to be longer than the match itself. Dillinger got to get in a little bit of offense and mocked Finn while doing so. However the #1 Contender won again with the Coup De Grace. I hate that name.

- Earlier today Jason Jordan said he has a game plan and has found the perfect partner. In walked Chad Gable, who bragged about being a wrestling champion and now has a towel with his name on it. Jordan said he already has a partner.

NXT Champion Kevin Owens defeated Solomon Crowe

Owens is the champion and in one of the main events of the Elimination Chamber show. Solomon Crowe is just another guy in the NXT Universe. The end result was not in question. Owens started the match on the floor, drawing Crowe out, so he could beat Solomon up on all sides of the ring. Crowe got to punch Owens in the head a few times, but Kevin shoved him of the top rope, sending him crashing on the pretty black mats outside.

Owens just beat on Crowe and beat on Crowe and beat on Crowe some more. Crowe kept dragging himself to his feet and pulling himself into the ring to get over his toughness. Crowe got the briefest of brief comebacks before winning with the Pop Up Power Bomb.  Owens was about to give Crowe the Power Bomb on the ring apron when Samoa Joe came out dressed to wrestle. The crowd didn't react like they did last week. Just like last week Owens left, but not before threatening Joe about what he will do to him. The show ended with Kevin warning him that he should have stayed in oblivion.

That does it for this week. What happens next week? Will Joe and Owens finally touch? Until then, make sure to say your vitamins and take your prayers!