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WWE NXT 8/26 live results & recap: Charlotte vs. Emma vs. Becky Lynch vs. Dana Brooke

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by Emerson Witner,, Wrestling Outsiders Podcast

The Big News:

This show did not need to be 90 minutes. At least half of it was video packages and recaps. Plus Emma won a Fatal 4-way match to the surprise of everyone, including Emma.

Show Recap:

-The show began with a recap of Takeover.

Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady & The Hype Bros defeated Jason Jordan, Chad Gable, Dash & Dawson

The fans went nuts for the babyfaces, chanting along to Enzo and Colin's entire schtick. Plus there was a number of people in the front row wearing Mojo shirts, helping Rawley freak out. The fans chanted for Enzo while Ryder was in the ring, so Enzo tagged in, but it quickly broke down into an 8-way brawl.

The babyfaces cleared the ring, then Enzo took a running start and Colin lifted him and threw him over the top rope on their opponents. Back in the ring the heels got the heat on Enzo, with Jordan being the one to cut him off. Nothing exceptional happened during the heat. Jordan, Gable, Dash & Dawson work really good as a 4-man team. Dash put Enzo on the middle rope, but Enzo dove off with a springboard DDT to him and eventually crawled over and made the hot tag.

Cass got the hot tag and almost head the ring post when he gave Gable a Stinger Splash. The match broke down again, with everyone hitting everyone with their moves. The finish saw Colin heave Enzo off the top rope with a Rocket Launcher on Gable for the win.

-William Regal was backstage talking about the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic when Neville walked up and wanted to take part. Mr. Regal put him in the tournament. Who's his partner? Well I guess we'll find out next week, as the tournament begins on September 2.

-After Takeover, Finn Balor cut a promo stating that beating Owens in a ladder match proved that Tokyo wasn't a fluke and now he is on to bigger and better things.

-An Emma video package aired. It started with her debut on NXT as the perky, bubbly blonde and how it transformed into her serious character now.

-Charlotte and Becky Lynch cut a promo on their other two foes in the 4-way main event.

-A slightly different Becky Lynch video package aired from the one they used to air non-stop. This one now references her current storyline.

This show really doesn't need to be 90 minutes this week.

Eva Marie pinned Carmella

Someone on Facebook made a picture a few weeks ago and titled it "ROH's new logo". It was Eva Marie standing there in her gear with the letter's R and H on either side. Now that's all I can think when I see her staring at the hard camera when she removes her robe.

The fans booed the heck out of Eva Marie. It sounded like they were trying to start like 5 different chants, but they finally decided on "You can't wrestle". This was a better Eva match than when she was the worst wrestler ever a few years back, but not as good as her match a few weeks ago.

I can't even describe half of what they tried to do to each other, but Eva won with The Kendrick.

-Tyler Breeze said that things aren't over between him and Liger. He also had a much bigger idea for Mr. Regal.

-Emma and Dana Brooke cut a promo on their other opponents. Dana looked positively weird with bright pink lipstick.

-A Dana Brooke video package aired. Again, this show is 90 minutes for some reason.

-Bayley cut a promo after her match on Saturday. She's in tears and can barely get through her promo. Her Mom came up and gave her a kiss. Her Mom cut a promo while her entire family made their way into the promo.

-William Regal was about to announce the first match of the tournament when Baron Corbin walked up and demanded to be in the tournament. William agreed and next week the first match is Baron & Rhyno vs The Ascension. Well Ascension was the longest reigning champions in NXT history.

-Last Saturday Kevin Owens was trying to avoid talking about the match with Balor, but the cameraman wouldn't leave him alone. Finally Owens gave him The Look and walked off.

Bull Dempsey pinned Elias Sampson

Bull was wearing a robe that made me think of Michael Elgin. Bull is a hometown babyface and literally no one reacted. Sampson came out with a guitar and he is now a drifter. It'd be better if he were a grifter, but this is why I don't book the show.

Elias looks like the love child of Damien Sandow and Adam Rose and because this show is 90 minutes, for some reason, he got extra offense. The fans got behind Bull's comeback, but he has had the worst reaction of anything on the show this week. The finish saw Bull hit the sit down splash he threatened to do to the Tough Enough contestants for the win.

-Samoa Joe put over the fans and said he wants to be NXT Champion, coming off his win over Baron Corbin.

-A video package for Nia Jax aired. She's coming soon.

-You know this show is on too long when they are now airing the "Coming This Fall to WWE Network" video for the second time.

-Apollo Crews is happy to have won his debut match, especially on his 20th birthday..

-Blake, Murphy & Alexa were not as happy, now that they are no longer tag team champions. Alexa mocked Devin Taylor for asking stupid questions. Plus Alexa is going to sports entertain against Blue Pants next week.

-Since 5 recap videos in a row weren't enough, we not only got a recap of the SummerSlam Diva's match, but an entire video package for Charlotte.

Emma shockingly won a Fatal 4-way over Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Dana Brooke

Anyone else find it weird they are doing a 4-way with nothing at stake instead of just a tag match?

These four tried very hard, that goes without saying. With that out of the way, there seemed to be something missing with this match. The four of them seemed to take a little longer to do anything. I don't know if it was nerves or just one of those nights.

Dana and Emma teamed up to send Charlotte crashing into the dasher boards early in the match, so the heels teamed up on Becky for a while. Occasionally Dana and Emma would give each other the eye, like they aren't trusting each other. Finally they exploded, which included Dana bragging that she broke up a pin when Becky rolled Emma up.

Charlotte finally got back in and went crazy on both ladies. Charlotte got a series of near falls on both Dana and Emma after a double DDT, reminiscent of Miz trying to pin Big Show and The Ryback. Becky accidentally gave Charlotte a Missile Dropkick.

Emma came flying into my living room with a corner sandwich on both Charlotte and Becky...and then Becky forgot to kick out I think? Emma looked so shocked to win and the entire audience seemed just as shocked.

Becky had that look like "Oh I just messed up." After the match Charlotte speared Emma and hit her with Natural Selection before covering her for an invisible three count. So at least we know the real finish. Dana attacked Charlotte, so the show ended with Charlotte using to Figure Eight on Dana and Becky using the Disarm-Her on Emma.

That is it for this week. Thankfully we return to 60 minutes next week and until then remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!