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WWE NXT 9/16 live TV results and recap: Bayley returns, Dusty Classic continues

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By Emerson Witner,, Wrestling Outsiders Podcast

Welcome to my wonderful, stupendous, one of a kind coverage of NXT! A forgotten reality show that eventually became the hottest brand in WWE.

Here are the second round brackets in the Dusty Rhodes Classic:

- Samoa Joe & Finn Balor vs Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady
- Dash & Dawson vs The Vaudevillains
- Hype Bros vs Jason Jordan & Chad Gable
- Rhyno & Baron Corbin vs Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano

The Big News: William Regal announced that the main event of Takeover on October 7 will be Bayley vs Sasha Banks in a 30-minute Iron Man Match.

The Medium Sized News: Baron Corbin and Rhyno advance to the final four of the Dusty Rhodes Classic, which will take place at Takeover as well.

The Little Beaver Sized News: Next week Blake & Murphy get their rematch for the NXT Tag Team Championship against The Vaudevillians.

The match between Tyler Breeze and Adam Rose never got started

Tyler's seasonal residence has taken him to Cairo, Egypt this fall. Rose walked out wearing short trunks and eyeglasses. He vowed to take a big, hot, steaming poop on NXT like the WWE Universe took one on him.

Before the match began, Bull Dempsey came out and announced he is going to beat Breeze so bad. Before Bull could attack him, Tyler cut a promo about how them being partner's was the real accident. The other accident was the day Bull was born. Bull laughed it off. Breeze went on to say he would love to beat Bull, but he's in the middle of a match.

Bull asked Adam Rose to leave so he could wrestle Tyler. Adam told him no, called him tubby and slapped Bull. Bull responded by attacking Rose. Adam got sent packing with a Full Body Attack. He tried to do the same to Breeze, but Tyler stopped his momentum and left the ring.

-Next week it is Tyler Breeze vs Bull Dempsey

Tye Dillinger pinned Danny Birch

Dillinger is the Perfect 10 if you haven't heard. He also lives on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Tye is supposed to be a heel, but the fans really enjoy chanting 10.

Corey Graves and Byron Saxton argued over what it meant to be a Perfect 10 while Birch had him locked in a wristlock. Dillinger made his comeback and won with a move where he rolled Birch's body around to smash his head off of Tye's knee.

-Backstage Rhyno and Baron Corbin stated they are not worried about another upset from Gargano and Ciampa.

-Asuka is coming next week. She'll get here before Nia Jax.

Apollo Crews pinned Solomon Crowe

My brother's favorite wrestler is back, this time to lose to Apollo Crews. They started the match with a handshake and Crowe was offended when Crews offered another handshake after being schooled on the mat.

At one point Crowe was sitting on the mat and Crews lifted him up from that position into a suplex. Crowe was outside and Crews went for a baseball slide, but Crowe lifted up the ring apron, catching Crowe in it. Corey Graves could not shut up this entire match about Solomon Crowe being on Google.

Crews made his comeback and hit a whole bunch of impressive, athletic moves, before winning with the standing moonsault.

-Ciampa and Gargano cut their promo backstage saying they belong in NXT and will show why later tonight.

-Dana Brooke and Emma cut a promo with Devin. They noticed that the champion is back and a bunch of new people are debuting and it's pushing them into the background. They plan on introducing themselves to the newbies.

-Sasha Banks arrived at the arena.

-Kyle Edwards updated us on the Dusty Rhodes Classic. He announced that the Final Four teams will face off at NXT Takeover on October 7.

In a 2nd round match in the Dusty Rhodes Classic, Rhyno & Baron Corbin defeated Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano

I swear I am going to start kicking my wall if Corey Graves keeps ranting about the internet.

Ciampa and Rhyno worked wonderfully together. I know they were both in ROH at the same time, but don't know if they wrestled each other. If they did I guarantee it was good, just based on their interaction here.

Gargano gave both men a Suicide Dive and Ciampa dove off the top rope onto both of his massive foes. The heels finally cut off Ciampa to get the heat. Speaking of heat the fans generally like Rhyno, but they hate Corbin due to him not being at the same level in the ring as the others on NXT. With that in mind Corbin wasn't in the ring as much as his partner.

Gargano got the hot tag and looked really good working with Corbin. Go figure. The heels went for a double team Gore, but Gargano leaped over Rhyno. After a little more, Corbin caught Gargano and dropped him with End of Days for the win.

-The Vaudevillains cut a promo building up their tournament match this weekend in Texas. In walked Blake, Murphy & Alexa who announced that they are invoking their rematch clause for a tag team title match next week.

-Nia Jax is still coming soon. It's only been what? 4 weeks now? She does have like 2 more months to reach Glacier levels.

-The new NXT Women's Champion is here to end the show. Bayley got a standing ovation and people chanting her name. She stepped inside the barricade and did a lap around the NXT Arena, climbing up the bleachers to get slapped on the back by everyone. She brought Izzy (the little girl who dresses like her) into the ring to do the Bayley entrance.

NXT Women's Champion Bayley pinned Sara Dobson

Dobson took most of the match and got Bayley in a front face lock. Bayley lifted Dobson up and rammed her into the turnbuckles. Bayley picked up the win with the Bayley to Belly.

-After the match Bayley grabbed the mic to cut a promo when she was interrupted by The Boss. Sasha had a smirk on her face as she sauntered to the ring. I got a laugh that she just arrived at the building 20 minutes earlier and then put her gear on before coming out.

Sasha was here to congratulate Bayley and said that all she has heard in weeks is how they stole the show at Takeover with the best women's match this company has ever seen. The fans chanted "Match of the Year", which Sasha said that was great for everyone but her. She is here to be the best. Bayley is good and at Takeover she was great, but Bayley is still not her.

Bayley's entire comeback was accepting a challenge for a rematch that Sasha never made. Sasha didn't want a match tonight or next week. She is here to prove a point and send a message. Sasha turned down the challenge for 2 out of 3 falls and the fans caught on, chanting "Iron Woman".

This brought out William Regal who announced the match that was announced on Twitter last week. Bayley vs Sasha at Takeover in a 30-minute Ironman Match.

-The girls shook hands and the show ended with Bayley standing in the ring holding the strap. Until next week say your vitamins and take your prayers.