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WWE NXT 9/23 TV results: Vaudevillains defend the gold, Asuka's debut

By Emerson Witner,

Greetings to all my fellow Empire members. Gather around and listen to the stories of a certain show taped in front of 300 people in a college in Winter Park, Florida!

The Big News: The Vaudevillians lost in the Dusty Classic, but retained their titles in the main event, defeated Blake & Murphy.

The Medium News: Kana is now Asuka, but you probably already knew that.

The Little Beaver-sized News: Tyler Breeze was informed by the cameraman that he will be wrestling Apollo Crews at Takeover.

The Recap:

Eva Marie defeated Carmella by countoutEva cut an inset promo where she thanked the referee from three weeks ago for holding up his count when she forgot to kick out of a suplex. This is a rematch from Brooklyn when these two squared off. This match was horrible, made worse by Corey Graves being obnoxious. Eva did this horrible walking boot across the ring that they showed a replay of. The fans chanted “Botox Everything” at Eva Marie.

They are continuing the gimmick where Eva Marie has matches lost, but somehow she doesn't lose. Carmella had the pin after driving Eva's face into her boot, but the referee held up his count at 2. Turns out Eva's foot was touching the bottom rope. The finish saw Eva threw Carmella outside the ring and Carmella couldn't get back in the ring, so she got counted out in an anticlimactic finish.

- Another video package for Nia Jax aired. She's eventually going to arrive in NXT. I believe it's now been 6 weeks

- A video package hyping the Bayley-Sasha match aired. This featured a completely different Bayley, totally low key and talking like an adult woman, as opposed to the character she plays.

Tyler Breeze pinned Bull Dempsey

Bull came out in his Michael Elgin robe. I just noticed that it looks a lot like Dr. Death Steve Williams' robe too. The last time these two sports entertained was the infamous match where Bull was unable to take a lap around the ring.

Bull was standing on the apron and winding up for a punch when Tyler shoved Bull off the apron, sending him crashing on the ramp, which was the finish of the last match and almost the finish here. They compared Bull Fit favorably to P90X. In all fairness I do not hate Bull as much as I hate Tony Horton.

This match was dull and the fans amused themselves by chanting “All Bull Everything” and “Bullfit” in the cadence of “Bullshit”. Bull made his comeback, using his stomach as an offensive maneuver. Breeze rolled outside the ring to get away from a top rope move, but Bull pulled him back in and ascended the ropes. Tyler threw him off the top rope and pinned him with his feet on the ropes.

NOTE: After Tweeting out about Bull Dempsey's robe and its similarity to Michael Elgin's and Dr. Death's, Elgin tweeted me back saying that he borrowed the concept from Dr. Death himself.

- The theme song for NXT Takeover: Respect is called Happy Song. No joke.

- A video package from the weekend tour of Texas. They did not mention the giant upset in the Dusty Rhodes Classic where Dash & Dawson defeated The Vaudevillians to advance to Takeover.

Mr. Regal was in the ring for a contract signed with the newest NXT Diva: Kana

She was Asuka before the commercial break and before I could finish typing that, her Titantron changed names from Kana to Asuka.

She has pink hair and is very very happy to be here. She yelled 'YAAAYYYYYYY!” into the microphone before saying she was happy to be here on NXT. She might literally be the happiest person to ever be on this show. In broken English she happily announced her desire to be champion. I once had a supervisor at Jackson Hewitt in Hazleton, Pennsylvania who was so happy we used to joke he must have been on drugs. I think Asuka is happier.

Dana Brooke and Emma came out to introduce themselves. Emma talked slowly to Asuka as if she were 4 years old, saying they are NXT's welcoming committee. They told her that if she plans to survive in the locker room, she needs to respect them as the leaders of the locker room.

Dana said they ran Charlotte and Becky out of NXT and if Asuka doesn't play nice her career will be over before it begins. They told her to leave the ring, which, shockingly, she did. The fans chanted no at her, but she walked away with her head bowed. At the top of the ramp Asuka just turned and smiled at them. I don't want to alarm you, but this is far from over.

-Tyler Breeze was asked about his match vs Apollo Crews at Takeover. Conveniently Crews just happened to be walking up to Tyler and said he hopes Tyler is just as excited as he is.

-Kyle Edwards filled us in on the updates of the Dusty Rhodes Classic. Next week on NXT is Balor & Joe vs Enzo & Big Cass and the winners will face Dash & Dawson. On the other side of the bracket it will be the Hype Bros vs Chad Gable & Jason Jordan this weekend at a house show, with the winners facing Rhyno & Baron Corbin.

NXT Tag Team Champions The Vaudevillians defeated Blake & Murphy

Can Blake & Murphy become the first team to become two time NXT Tag Team Champions? Adrian Neville is a 2-time champion, but he had three different partners. Him and the long forgotten Oliver Grey became the first NXT Tag Champions, but Oliver got injured, so Bo Dallas filled in for the end of the reign. Then Kassius Ohno & Corey Graves were the #1 Contender's, but Kassius got a storyline injury, so Corey teamed with Neville to become unlikely champions, defeating the Wyatt Family.

The fans chanted for Blue Pants, who was not there for the first 30 seconds. Then Alexa got involved quickly, so Pants ran down and chased Alexa away. The heels got the heat on English, but Aiden fought back and did an impressive double hiptoss to both challengers at the same time. Aiden tried to build on this momentum outside the ring, but Blake gave him a side suplex on the ring apron.

English eventually slapped Murphy so hard that Murphy should contact his lawyer. Simon got the hot tag and went wild on Blake. They went for their finish, but Blake got his knees up when Aiden went for the swanton. Murphy hit a top rope knee, but only got a 2 count. Finally the champs retained with the Whirling Dervish. I was actually surprised as I expected Blake and Murphy to get the belts back.

The show ended with promos by Enzo & Colin and Samoa Joe & Finn Balor building up their quarter final match next week. Next week is already the go-home show for Takeover, so who is going to the Final Four of the Dusty Classic?

Only one way to find out, tune in next week and until then, say your vitamins and take your prayers!