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WWE NXT August 5 TV results: Samoa Joe vs. Rhyno

Samoa Joe vs. Rhyno

By Emerson Witner, & Wrestling Outsiders Podcast

The Big News: Jushin Thunder Liger was officially announced as facing Tyler Breeze at Takeover. Plus Kevin Owens issued a challenge for his rematch with Finn Balor to be a Ladder Match.

Show recap:

- The show opened with a Roddy Piper graphic.

Bayley defeated Charlotte

Bayley tried to give her slap bracelet to a child at ringside, but literally no one was looking in her direction and when they finally did the kid took his sweet time getting out of his chair to get it. This is a rematch from NXT Takeover: Fatal 4-Way where Charlotte won and it led to her baby face turn. These two were actually teammates in 2013 until Charlotte turned heel and joined The BFF's with Summer Rae and Sasha Banks.

Bayley asked for this match to show she was ready to challenge Sasha for the title. Charlotte spent most of the match working over the knee of Bayley, so Bayley limped through her comeback. The highlight of the match was Bayley hitting a Frankensteiner off the middle rope. The fan's chanted “Woman's Wrestling”. Bayley got to the ropes during a Figure Four and Charlotte kicked out of a Bayley to Belly Suplex, but Bayley finally won with the Bayley to Belly off the top rope.

- Earlier this week Michael Cole spoke to Kevin Owens about the match at Takeover in 2 weeks. Owens pointed out that he apologized to Mr. Regal for punching him and called him “a Real Man's Man” for waiting until Owens had his back turned to say he hoped Kevin loses in Brooklyn.

Owens wants the NXT Title because it reminds him of injuring Sami Zayn and being champion means extra money in his bank account. Owens said that since Mr. Regal is in a position of authority, the only way to guarantee that we won't get a Montreal Screwjob is to make the title match a Ladder Match. Cole asked him if he can beat Finn Balor, which caused Owens to stand up and walk away.

- Bull Dempsey watched the first Bull Fit video and got serious about doing it right. Of course it backfired when he tried to bench press the weight crashed down on him.

Baron Corbin pinned Steve Cutler

The linear Paragon Pro Wrestling Champion is back. Corbin got punched in the face, punched Cutler in the face and won with the End of Days in 22 seconds. The fans are chanting “Baron Sucks” as the announcers wonder if he can be stopped.

-Bayley went to see Mr. Regal and asked for a title match against Sasha Banks. William put her in a match with Becky Lynch next week with the winner getting a title shot at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn.

Tyler Breeze pinned Eric Solar

It has now been a year since Breeze got his NXT Title shot which ended in a disqualification when Tyson Kidd ran in and attacked champion Adrian Neville. Since then Breeze never got his rightful 1 on 1 rematch for the title.

The announcers spent the match arguing about the stores Breeze could visit in Brooklyn and Tyler picked up another win with a Beauty Shot.

- William Regal walked out and announced that at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn Tyler Breeze will go one on one with Jushin Thunder Liger. We then got a Liger video package.

- Uhaa Nation was featured in another video package. They aired videos of him 4 months ago and then stopped, so now we get another one. His name is now Apollo Crews and he debuts at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn.

- Finn Balor had a sit down interview with Byron Saxton about how honored he is to be NXT Champion and how he is ready for the rematch with Owens at Takeover.

The Hype Bros defeated Dash & Dawson

The Hype Bros now have a combined theme song, where they merge Mojo's hyped song with Ryder's Radio theme. Dash and Dawson defeated Enzo and Cass last week. The heels got the heat on Zack when he did the 10 Punches of Doom to Dawson, but Dash distracted him, so Dawson tripped him up.

The announcers talked about Wayne's World while Zack made the hot tag. Mojo beat both men by himself and then tagged in Zack for the finish where Mojo lifted Dash up for a Spinebuster and Zack came off the middle rope with the Rough Ryder for the win.

- After the match, the heels attacked the winners, dropping Ryder with the Shatter Machine.

- William Regal spoke with The Vaudevillians about what happened last week. Mr. Regal awarded them a rematch for the Tag Team Championship at Takeover. He told them to think of a way to curtail Alexa Bliss.

-We get a continuation from the earlier Bull Fit segment. Turns out he did not die from the weights, instead he pushed it up. This was every training montage from every sports movie you have ever seen where Bull slowly got a little better and a little better. It ended with him turning over a giant truck tire.

Samoa Joe pinned Rhyno

In the tale of the tape they noted that Joe had won 20 championships, which does include the 9 titles he won in TNA. It also said Rhyno only won 16 championships and according to Wikipedia he has won 22, so not sure which don't count.

This was a very fun hard hitting match. They wrestled each other a bunch in TNA, so they know each other well. Rhyno did a TKO, called a Samoan Drop, for a 2 count and Joe got a near fall with a flying kick to the face. Rhyno got out of the choke, Joe kicked him in the face when he went for a Gore and the finish saw Joe win with the Muscle Buster!

That is it for this week! We are on the road to Brooklyn and until next week remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!