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WWE NXT house show report 4-4-15 Orlando: Sami Zayn vs. Scott Dawson

Submitted by Jay Williams

The show opens with our host Greg Hamilton alongside ring announcer Dasha welcoming us and inviting out someone with a special announcement. Sami Zayn enters the ring in street clothes, talks about how being on the road was great yet it's nice to be back in NXT's home. Goes on to say he should be the number one contender for the title, and that he is medically cleared to compete tonight.

Tyler Breeze walks out to say he should be the number one contender, Bull Dempsey's music hits and he makes his way to the ring saying he should be the number one contender, Baron Corbin's music hits, and we now have four in the ring wanting to be number one contender. Corey Graves makes his way from the back and tells Sami that he can leave the ring and go prepare for his match in the main event, while the rest of them will all have an opportunity to challenge Sami as number one contender by being in our first match of the evening: a battle royal.

- Scott Dawson eliminates Baron Corbin and wins the battle royal for the right to face Sami Zayn in the main event. There were about 20 men in the match like Breeze, Vaudevillains, Enzo and Cass, with mostly up and coming trainees in there. Aiden English was very good in this match, lasting until the final few.

- Solomon Crowe defeated Chad Gable via submission. Both men had great footwork here, Crowe has slimmed down immensely. Good match.

- Bayley & Alexa Bliss defeated Carmella & Dana Brooke when Bayley hits the Hugplex on Carmella for the win. Bliss was in there most of the match selling, Bayley with a hot tag and a lot of impressive moves in the closing minutes.

- Tyler Breeze defeats Baron Corbin via pinfall with his feet on the ropes. One of the best Corbin matches I've seen. He's improving quite a bit and it helps to work with people like Breeze. There were some fun spots where Tyler would flex at Baron then run away when Baron gave chase. Good match with character development here. Post match, Baron hits the End Of Days and looks down at Breeze before leaving to cheers.

- Finn Balor defeats Tye Dillinger via pinfall after the top rope foot stomp. This was the best match on the show. Dillinger is an excellent wrestler. He put together near falls where people believed he was going to beat Balor. There's not much to add about Balor -- he's the star of NXT right now and as good in the ring as anyone.

- In a non-title match, Enzo & Cass defeated The Vaudevillains and tag champions Blake & Murphy in a non title triple threat match. Another entertaining match. Enzo took a lot of punishment from both teams, Cass cleans up, Enzo gets the pin on one of the tag champs to further their program.

- Women's champion Sasha Banks defeated Becky Lynch and Charlotte in a triple threat match. These women are incredible. All three of them have their own presence in the ring and work well together. Everyone looked great, Sasha got the win over Becky and got out of there quickly knowing she stole one.

- NXT Champion Kevin Owens' music hits and he comes out to taunt Sami and that it won't matter who the number one contender will be. Sami confronts him which leads to Dawson hitting Sami from behind before the bell.

- Sami Zayn defeats Scott Dawson via pinfall with the Helluva Kick. Sami was selling the way he did in the Owens match here after being knocked down before the match. A lot of slow punishment here with Dawson doing a lot of the work. Sami makes his comeback and wins a grueling match.

NXT will return to the Orlando Armory on May 9th.