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WWE NXT house show report Orlando 10-17: Finn Balor & Bayley team up in 8 person main event


Submitted by Jay Williams

Hype Bros beat Marcus Louis & Tucker Knight 

Louis is growing his hair out, seemingly leaving the bald monster persona behind. Tucker & Marcus were half way to the ring when the Hype Bros music hit and the two sprinted past them to get everyone fired up. The crowd was all over Tucker Knight for his silver boots, always a fun live event tradition, even singing songs about them. Ryder took a beating here until making the hot tag to Mojo who ran wild before tagging in Ryder to hit the electric chair rough ryder from the top for the win. 

Apollo Crews beat Elias Samson

Elias makes his way to the ring with his guitar to be interviewed by our hostess Dasha Fuentes, he begins playing his guitar and does a fun song insulting the town they're in as he does at each event. Apollo's music hits to a good reaction, plenty of chants for Crews as Elias worked holds during this match. Towards the end Crews got a hold of Samson's guitar and held it over the side of the ring threatening to drop it, then threatened to play it, all to infuriate Samson. After the guitar was safe the finish saw Crews fire back and hit his new finish a big scoop slam variation for the win. Apollo Crews has a lot of fan support growing here.

Gionna Daddio & Aliyah the former Jasmin aka Nhooph Al-Areebi were out to talk to the crowd, very energetic and likable babyfaces here, talked about being the youngest divas in NXT and were proud to follow in the footsteps of those who started the Divas Revolution, mentioning Bayley, Sasha, Becky, and Charlotte. Which lead to Emma & Eva Marie interrupting them, Emma proclaimed she started the Divas Revolution, crowd was anti Eva Marie here, booing her down so she put her arms up and twirled to soak in the attention and encourage it. During the verbal exchange the heels took cheap shots and laid out the two youngsters leading to referees rushing the ring attempting to break it up and check on the roughed up divas. 

Riddick Moss def. Levis Valenzuela Jr.

Valenzuela is charismatic, likable and plausible as his persona, his dancing and proclaiming "Fiesta" brings the people in and his taunts received actual laughs from the crowd, the best being "Booo this man, he sucks!" as he pointed at Riddick. Simple yet wonderful when the wrestler has charm the way Levis does. Moss is technically sound and plays the straight heel to Levis' flamboyant babyface. 

Chad Gable & Jason Jordan beat Dash & Dawson

A great reaction for Gable & Jordan, these are made men after that performance at Takeover Respect. The singing of their names to the old Kurt Angle theme is very over, with Jordan even encouraging it along. Dash and Dawson are also well respected by the local crowds and strong, rough, and tough workers. A very good tag match as one would expect, and in the end Gable & Jordan get the win with the assisted German suplex. Jordan and Gable feel like a cut above with their athleticism, they are amazing wrestlers. 

Hugo Knox beat Sawyer Fulton

Knox is another non-tv wrestler with personality that already shines through, his dancing and party boy attitude got a lot of "Go Hugo" and other chants of encouragement. Fulton is big and scary, so the dynamic of this match was the serious heel getting frustrated by the fun loving face and finally getting beat. 

Gionna Daddio storms out from the back with a mic to call out Emma and Eva Marie, she says they don't know who they're messing with and she's from Jersey. The heels make their way down and take each side of the ring asking her what she's going to do, which leads to Gionna declaring she wasn't challenging them alone...

Asuka & Gionna Daddio beat Emma & Eva Marie 

Huge pop for Asuka, this woman is a star. Emma's nightmare continues as Asuka seems to be following her at every turn both on tv and on live events. Good heel work by Eva Marie in this match, taunting Gionna while in holds, embracing the heat. Hot tag to Asuka who laid in some ferocious kicks to Eva Marie at one point. Tag to Gionna who hit a crossbody for the win. Gionna has a lot of potential, as many of our non tv wrestlers on this show, the personality and likability is already there. Emma & Asuka did a good job here keeping everything going.

Baron Corbin beat Solomon Crowe

Heel heat for Corbin is not only on NXT tv but also at live events, there are always hecklers and those who get Baron's attention only to get taunted right back. Crowe is out with an altered look, Orange sleeveless zip up hoodie, the sides of his head shaved and looking quite intimidating. Hard hitting match here, big moves in this one, Baron prevails with the End Of Days for the win and a chorus of booos.

Blake & Murphy w/ Alexa Bliss & Tye Dillinger vs. The Vaudevillains & Finn Balor went to a no contest once Alexa Bliss interfered, leading to Bayley running in to have the match restarted as an 8 Person Tag.

WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor, WWE NXT Women's Champions Bayley & WWE NXT Tag Team Champions The Vaudevillains beat Tye Dillinger & BAMF

BAMF entered first to their dubstep music which always gets them heat, Dillinger even as a heel is well liked at live events, and his Ten gimmick is over, even Alexa Bliss was holding up the two hands open Ten sign during his entrance.

The Vaudevillains are quite popular at live events as well, superstar reaction to Finn Balor. The current non-demon persona with the leather jacket has included an attitude of confidence, he is the main event. Finn joins in posing with Gotch and English pre match and is entertained himself with their ole timey antics, including some awkward stretching by Simon Gotch.

The match took off once it was restarted as Bayley is another true main eventer here in NXT, the place lit up, people jumped out of their seats at her music. Finn Balor himself was leaping and punching the air as Bayley laid into Alexa Bliss. Finn was ecstatic to see Bayley and was her biggest fan.  This match then went all over the place including all six men in a long connected submission hold with Finn at the end holding a Boston Crab on Murphy, yelling to ASK THEM.

Then all hell broke loose, Aiden English hit a Stone Cold Stunner on one of BAMF and this lead to Bayley hitting one of her own on Alexa Bliss.  The place was going crazy. The ring clears and Bayley is seemingly alone as Bliss is down and the men are all on the outside.  As Tye Dillinger comes face to face with Bayley in the center of the ring, putting his hands in her face with his Ten gesture, and in the greatest moment of the night Bayley wraps her arms around Dillinger and hoists him up for the Belly To Bayley.  Leaping to her feet and pumping her fist after hitting him to the mat, the crowd was electric.  

Balor then goes to the top and nails the Coup De Grace on Dillinger for the pin. The babyface champions all celebrated, hugs for all.  Bayley even Too Sweeted Finn Balor, everyone left this show happy.