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WWE NXT July 22 TV results and recap: Samoa Joe, Owens/Balor contract signing

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by Emerson Witner, and Wrestling Outsiders Podcast

The Big News: Kevin Owens punched Mr. Regal during the contract signing for his match at NXT Takeover.

Show Recap:

- The show opened with the first live appearance by the new NXT Champion! Finn Balor is here, kicking off the show. It should be noted that except for Sami Zayn (due to a storyline injury) the new NXT Champion has kicked off the next show they taped. I know that reads weird, but the last two weeks' shows were taped before Finn won the belt.

The crowd went nuts, chanting "You deserve it". Jeremy Borash's little brother Greg Hamilton conducted an in-ring interview. Finn said he has been competing all over the world for over 15 years and all the difficult decisions and sacrifices he had to make were made worth it when he won the NXT Championship.

The fans booed when Greg mentioned NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. Finn said Kevin Owens hurt Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, Hideo Itami, Rusev and beat John Cena, but he did not defeat Finn Balor. He plans on making history in Brooklyn by walking in champion and leaving the same way.

- Devin Taylor interviewed Eva Marie about her re-debut tonight. Eva thanked Mr. Regal for giving her the opportunity. Eva said this is her dream and she has been training the last few months just to get the chance tonight.

Eva Marie pinned Cassie

In 2013 Eva Marie's debut ppv match won the Worst Worked Match of the Year award (Total Divas vs Everyone Else at Survivor Series). A rematch the next night on Raw finished 3rd and then in 2014 her only match, vs Bayley, finished high in the voting. In theory she can only get better.

Eva kept it simple and looked better than she has in the past. Mind you she is still worse than everyone else on the roster, but there was nothing embarrassing. Cassie almost won with several spin kicks to Eva's face. Eva did win with The Kendrick.

- William Regal walked into his office to find Tyler Breeze laying across his desk. Tyler demanded a match for Takeover so Mr. Regal said he is working on it.

Baron Corbin pinned A Local Competitor

We didn't even get a "commercial break", but come on. You can squeeze 7 Baron Corbin matches into one segment. Baron's opponent didn't even get a name, but was in a purple bodysuit with blue streaks in his hair. Baron won in 10 seconds with End of Days.

Samoa Joe pinned Mike Rollis

Rollis exploded out of the gate and Joe responded by punching him a dozen times quickly. Rollis went bouncing off the ropes and ran into Joe's elbow. Like most Joe matches this was just an excuse to see all of Joe's moves. Joe won quickly with the Muscle Buster.

- It was announced that Samoa Joe will wrestle Rhyno in 2 weeks on NXT.

- Emma laughed at the idea that Bayley is going to hurt her. She broke Bayley's hand and now is going to break her childish spirit. Emma and Dana Brooke hugged and the segment ended with Dana patting Devin Taylor on the top of the head.

Bayley pinned Emma (w/Dana Brooke)

About a month ago Bayley broke her hand in a match against Emma. The funny thing is she is on tv so infrequently that they could have just not mentioned it and no one would have noticed her injury.

Emma got the early advantage when by attacking Bayley from behind when Bayley went to throw her slap bracelet into the corner of the ring. Emma's offense centered around Bayley's injured hand. The announcers never mentioned that if Bayley's hand is injured she wouldn't be able to use a proper grip for the Belly to Bayley Suplex.

Bayley ignored her hand pain and gave Emma a series of Polish Hammers, but couldn't keep Emma down. Dana Brooke yanked on Bayley's arm, which for some reason was not a disqualification. Instead the ref sent Dana to the back.

They reversed roll ups and Bayley won with the Belly to Bayley. Go figure.

- Bayley cut a post match promo saying she wants to be Women's Champion and wants a match with Charlotte to prove she is ready.

- Some New Girl interviewed Charlotte. She enunciates her words worse than Eden ever did. Charlotte nearly cried about getting the chance to be on Raw, but did accept Bayley's challenge. Dana walked in and said Charlotte's gotten chance after chance but she always messes it up. Dana said she never got a chance because she doesn't have a famous last name, but is going to make a statement by beating Charlotte.

So Charlotte agreed to wrestle Dana next week and Bayley the following week. Dana looked like she was going to pat the New Girl on the head, but didn't.

The Vaudevillains vs Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton

The #1 Contenders are here to do battle with Dawkins & Fulton. Fulton got a haircut and a more aggressive game plan. As always, Dawkins and Fulton looked good, this time getting the heat on Gotch. Dawkins went to give Gotch a side suplex, but Gotch lifted up his own foot to kick Angelo in the head.

English got the hot tag and quickly the top contenders won with the Whirling Dervish.

- Next week: Blake & Murphy vs The Vaudevillains for the tag team titles!

- Blake & Murphy were mockingly clapping for their foes backstage. Blake actually bleached his hair so now they look different, but he needs to either shave his beard or bleach it as well.

- Up next was the MAIN EVENT CONTRACT SIGNING! William Regal oversaw the signing between NXT Champion Finn Balor and Kevin Owens. When Mr. Regal mentioned Brooklyn 398 people booed, while two people, who probably live in Brooklyn, stood and applauded.

Owens tried to intimidate Balor by pointing out he is in the position of defending the title in the biggest match in NXT history. He heeled on the crowd by pointing out it was in Brooklyn. Owens ran down all of his accomplishments that he did in his first 6 months in WWE.

In Brooklyn he is going to show all these idiots that Japan was a fluke when he becomes the first ever 2-time NXT Champion and take Finn Balor out for good. Finn's reply is he is going to take Kevin's words and shove them down his throat. They both signed, Mr. Regal signed, indicating he witnessed this and the match is official.

You'll never believe what happened next. Owens attacked Balor and the signing broke down into violence. Shockingly Balor got the better of it, however Mr. Regal tried to pull Owens off, so Kevin punched him in the face. Finn sent Owens packing twice as the show went off the air.

So, that's it for this week. What will Mr. Regal say about being punched? How much more can the crowd boo Brooklyn? Will we have new tag team champions? Only one way to find out. Until next week, make sure to say your vitamins and take your prayers!