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WWE NXT July 9 Largo, FL, house show results: Tag team title three-way, Sasha Banks vs. Carmella

Submitted by Chris

- Dasha and Zahra Schriber split ring announcing duties.

- Uhaa Nation def. Elias Sampson with a standing moonsault.  Nation's physique blew away everyone else on this show and his athleticism was very impressive.

- Gionna Daddio and Lina def. KC and Jessie.  Daddio has a Jersey gimmick.  She sold most of the way until Lina came in, cleaned house and got the pin with a spinebuster. KC looked pretty good here.

- Sasha Banks came out for a promo and was bragging about being the queen of the divas division when Carmella came out to set up a title match for later.

- Mike Rawlis def. Angelo Dawkins with a razors edge.  Not much to this one.

- Jason Jordan and Chad Gable def. The Mechanics (Dash and Dawson).

- Bull Dempsey def. Tyler Breeze with the top rope sit-down splash.  Tons of comedy here as Dempsey got a burger from the concession stand before the show started.  In the match, they did a criss-cross spot until Bull got blown up.  Then a bag of Doritos was thrown in the ring and they did some spots around that for minute.  Crowd was into Bull's antics.

- Baron Corbin def. Solomon Crowe with the end of days.  Standard fare.

- Preston Cunningham Junior the first (that's not a typo) came out and cut a promo on how his dad funded the show for us fans.  This was dying when Sabby Piscatelli came out. He's a former Buccaneer player so he got a reaction. He turned heel by insulting the town.  The two eventually got into a brief brawl before Sabby ran off.

- Women's Champion Sasha Banks def. Carmella to retain the women's title with the bank statement submission. Pretty good match here with some chain moves and reversals.

- Tag Champions Blake and Murphy won a three-way over Enzo & Cass and the Vaudevillains with the superplex/frog splash combo on Enzo.  Enzo and Cass got the biggest reaction of the night by far.  Vaudevillains were over as well.


The advertising and Twitter is very weird regarding these shows.  First off, WWE rarely delivers on who they advertise.  This listing had Balor, Charlotte, Banks, Bayley, Tyler Breeze, Enzo & Cass.  Balor, Charlotte and Bayley all weren't here.  Secondly, on Twitter, Braun Stroman, Bayley and Becky Lynch all tweeted today about the show but didn't appear.