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WWE NXT June 17 TV results & recap: Kevin Owens vs. Samoa Joe~!

Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Owens

By Emerson Witner, & Wrestling Outsiders Podcast

The Big News:

Part 1 of the GREATEST VIDEO PACKAGE EVER aired. Plus Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe wrestled.

Show recap: 

Before the show, they aired a commercial saying that Samoa Joe challenging Kevin Owens was unexpected. They went face to face two weeks in a row, but no one could possibly expect a challenge to a match. The actual show opened with that awesome Dusty Rhodes tribute video. RIP Dream.

Enzo Amore, Colin Cassidy & Carmella defeated Wesley Blake, Buddy Murphy & Alexa Bliss

People still love Enzo and Cass and still hate Carmella. I know it's developmental, but they really did turn the wrong girl. Blake and Murphy did the unthinkable when they did their entrance before Colin could call them sawft.

Wesley Blake has been watching old TNA tapes as he has put his hair in pigtails like Kip James/Billy Gunn did for a while. Blake and Enzo started the match by doing a lot of nothing and it eventually broke down into a 6-way brawl, which finally got the match going. After being beaten on for most of the match Enzo made the hot tag to Carmella and no one reacted. No one. Making things worse the announcers said Carmella has been waiting to get her hands on Alexa since Takeover. They just wrestled two weeks ago.

Alexa tagged Blake, Colin ran in and single handedly destroyed both of the champions and the good guys won with the Rocket Launcher.

- Highlights of Cena-Owens at Money in the Bank were shown. Cena took the power bomb on the ring apron and suffered “bruising”. Sami Zayn, Alex Riley, Neville and Solomon Crowe all got laid out for weeks and months. Cena got bruising.

- Samoa Joe did a promo and said that he prides himself on competing in places that were cutting edge, on fire and on top of the world. Joe said Kevin Owens likes to use intimidation, but Joe will not be intimidated and tonight will beat down Owens unmercifully.

- They aired the commercial for NXT again....during the show? Okay then.

- A video documenting Finn Balor's career aired. It is impossible to believe he doesn't win the NXT Title on July 4. This video documented his career and included footage from his WWE tryout, wrestling Indy shows in high school gyms to Revolution Pro. Becky Lynch was also interviewed, crying about how Finn (who was called Fergal Devitt) changed her life. They did promise a Part 2 for next week. Seriously you need to go watch this video.

Charlotte submitted Cassidy

The announcers mumbled the name of Charlotte's opponent, causing me to do a smidge of research and it is Cassidy. I'll chalk this one up as both girls having a bad night. Both girls seemed to hesitate a little bit on almost every move and at different points were both standing there a little too long waiting for the opponent to do something. Eventually Charlotte speared her to hell and tapped her out with the Figure Eight.

- Dana Brooke yelled at Devin Taylor for not addressing her properly. Dana said she has been busy competing in the Arnold Classic, but is now back, which is bad for Charlotte. Dana is going to shove Charlotte through the door she walked in.

NXT Champion Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe went to a No Contest

I wonder what Joe's new WWE name will be when he gets it. Maybe Samoa Pete?

Owens ducked out of the ring at the bell and Joe immediately jumped outside and got in his face, forcing Owens back in the ring. Back in the ring Owens pushed Joe in the face when they broke a lock up, so Joe almost literally beat the snot out of him. Joe had the announcers marking out for all of his moves. Joe did the face wash in the corner, which Zack Ryder just did last week on this very show.

They went to commercial with Joe on the offensive and when they came back Owens was getting the heat on him. I know they had to edit part of the show so they could put the Dusty tribute in, but it seems awkward.

Owens put on a lengthy chin lock and shouted “Chinlock City” which led to a new chant. Maybe ProWrestlingTees can come out with that shirt. Joe made his comeback, Owens was able to headbutt out of the Muscle Buster, but got hit with the corner uranage. Outside the ring Owens posted Joe and went for the ring apron power bomb, but Joe fought out.

Joe and Owens brawled. The referee tried to get them back in the ring, but got squashed between the two and then threw the match out. More referees ran out to separate them, but they wouldn't be stopped. Finally about two dozen people got in between them and even that only worked for a few seconds. This was very different than the usual NXT main event, so it definitely stood out as something special.

Owens rolled out of the ring and left with his title as the credits rolled. What will happen next week? Only one way to find out. Until then, make sure to say your vitamins and take your prayers.