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WWE NXT Lakeland, FL, house show results: Dawson & Dash defend, conga lines, Chad Gable & Jason Jordan

Dawson & Dash

Submitted by Chris H.

From the Lakeland Armory in Lakeland, FL

- Enzo Amore def. Angelo Dawkins with a DDT off the middle rope. Sloppy in parts as Dawkins missed some boots in the corner by a mile.

- Billie Kay (w/ Sylvester LaForte) def. Gionna Daddio. Daddio had Kay pinned with a jumping enziguri but LaForte put Kay's foot on the rope.  Daddio went after Sylvester and got pinned with a roll-up.  They played the wrong music at the end.  Gionna got stiffed in the nose mid-match, requiring the ref to get the gloves out.

- Riddick Moss def. Josh Woods with a neckbreaker. Woods is an ex UCF wrestler doing an MMA gimmick, wearing the shorts with logos on it.

- Next came a wacky segment. Levis Valenzula Jr. came out to dance and say how happy he was to be here. Emma came out to say that dancing got her nowhere.  Valenzuela danced anyway, and developmental guys came out, including Josh, Sara Lee, Mada and Patrick from Tough Enough, and did a conga line around the ring.

- Solomon Crowe def. Tino Sabatelli. Tino is ex-Bucs player Sabi Piscatelli and was pretty good in the ring for a beginner.  Good charisma and has a build like Orton from the mid-2000s (similar trunks too).

- Jason Jordan and Chad Gable def. Marcus Louis and Sawyer Fulton. Louis has a new gimmick where he shook hands with Gable and then enjoyed smelling his hand. Yup.

- Bull Dempsey def. Alexander Wolfe

- Nia Jax def. Aliyah.  Jax played heel and won when Aliyah jumped off the top rope and got power bombed.

- The Vaudevillains def. NXT Tag Team Champions Dash and Dawson by DQ in a title match. English and Gotch hit their finisher but Dash pulled the ref out of the ring during the count for the DQ.  Enzo came back out to save the Vaudevillans from a beat down to end the show.