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WWE NXT Orlando house show results: Finn Balor, Apollo Crews, and Tye Dillinger team up

Finn Balor

Submitted by JJ Williams

- Rich Swann beat Axel Tischer via an incredible standing splash maneuver

Great showing by Swann here. Instantly won over the crowd and worked a fast paced crisp match.

- Asuka, Adrien Reese and Aliyah beat Emma, Cameron and Billie Kay

Asuka caught Billie in the Asuka Lock.

- Tough Enough Josh promo segment where he was heelish and said his name is Bronson Mathews.

- Bull Dempsey beat Tino Sabatelli with a seated splash off the top

Comedy early. Bull did jumping jacks to upset Tino.

- Marcus Louis beat Oscar The Luchador with a rock bottom type slam

- Enzo, Big Cass w/ Carmella, and Levis Valenzuela beat NXT Tag Champions Dash & Dawson and Elias Samson

Pre match promo by Zo and Cass about taking the titles at Takeover. Long match. Cass hit a side slam followed by a top rope splash on Samson for the win. Post match, Cass told them to play Levis' music and it was time to fiesta!

- Hugo Knox defeated Tucker Knight via spinning heel kick

Back and forth match.

- Nia Jax beat Daria in a squash

Tough Enough Daria was out to cut a promo but before she could start, Nia Jax interrupted and challenged her to a match. 

- NXT Champion Finn Balor, Apollo Crews, and Tye Dillinger beat Baron Corbin, Constantine, and Riddick Moss

Long match, a lot of heat on Baron, crowd was behind Finn all the way. He received the the hot tag and finished off the match with the dropkick to the corner and the double foot stomp off the top.