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WWE NXT results: Samoa Joe vs Apollo Crews; American Alpha: No Way Jose

The Big News: I paid my F4WOnline bills, so this NXT report is not 51% owned by Ron & Don Harris.

The Medium News: Samoa Joe sent Apollo Crews packing to Raw with a submission loss

The Little Beaver Sized News: No Way Jose debuted!


It is our second week at WrestleMania Axxess. I do think it's funny that they acknowledge that they are at Axxess, but do commentary like it's live.


NXT Tag Team Champions American Alpha defeated Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady

We kick things off with the new NXT Tag Team Champions going 2 on 2 with the men who may be the next #1 Contender's to the WWE Tag Team Championship. This match was set up last week when both teams noted they never faced off and this was their only chance to sports entertain with Enzo and Cass on Raw.

The fans were more excited for this than almost anything last week, chanting “This is awesome” before the bell even sounded. The champs schooled Enzo and had no problem tossing the little guy around, however they had a harder time when it came to Big Cass.

They didn't show Colin in the ring at first. He tagged in, they went to commercial and then Enzo tagged back in within 5 seconds of coming back. Not sure if something got messed up or if it's just one of those things. Enzo and Colin were the heels of the match, getting the heat on Gable. Gable, in case I haven't said it in the last 3 weeks, is an excellent baby face in peril and Jordan makes a terrific comeback, which makes this team as great as they are.

Jordan got the hot tag and man oh man, Matty, can Jason Jordan throw Enzo Amore around. If you told me Enzo didn't have to help out much, I would believe you. Anyhoo the champs won with Grand Amplitude.


Apollo Crews doesn't like bullies and will beat up Samoa Joe tonight.


No Way Jose pinned Alexander Wolfe

This is the NXT tv debut of both No Way Jose and Alexander Wolfe. Wolfe was one of the people in the Dusty Rhodes Classic whose match never aired on tv. No Way Jose is already popular with the people, even if he has a really weird name.

This match was fun to watch. Jose used an Airplane Spin that just went on and on and on. The fans, despite not knowing the man, sang the Ole song, but sang Jose instead of Ole. Jose won with a punch to the face that he wound up like he was a pitcher throwing a fastball.


Austin Aries said he doesn't believe in luck, but Baron Corbin is entitled to his opinion about why he lost. Aries doesn't need luck, he has skill. Aries challenged him and everyone in the NXT locker room.


Elias Sampson was tuning his guitar when William Regal walked up and said he's here to offer Elias an opportunity. Next week he'll go one on one with Shinsuke Nakamura. He didn't seem pleased.


Nia Jax squashed Deonna Purrazzo

Please change Deonna Purrazzo's name. It helps that seemingly every time she wrestles she gets killed, so I don't have to spend too much time writing her name.

This was all Nia and she won very quickly with a leg drop. Seriously Deonna's only attempted offense saw her be swatted away like a fly.


Bayley was asked about the Eva Marie-Asuka match next week. I am shocked Eva was able to survive and make it to WrestleMania. Anyway she did analysis previewing the match and said she will be watching since she wants her belt back.


Samoa Joe submitted Apollo Crews

Main event time! They keep mentioning Joe and Finn Balor, so I guess that feud is still going on. Finn is now the longest reigning NXT Champion of all time, surpassing Adrian Neville. Not putting anything past Apollo Crews, but it's weird that he's the one on the main roster and Samoa Joe is still in developmental.

This was a good match, nothing great, but good. Honestly this is a match you'd expect the two of them to have at a house show, which, by the way, is still better than a lot of people. Joe kicked out of the Standing Moonsault and Crews kicked out of a power slam. Honestly the only time I ever remember Joe winning with the power slam is Slammiversary 2006 against Scott Steiner.

Joe blocked the spinning power bomb and dropped Crews with the corner uranage before choking Crews out with the Coquina Clutch.

So it's a quick show this week, ending at 8:49 (as opposed to 8:55), but what is next for the NXT superstars? Only one way to find out, until next week make sure to say your vitamins and take your prayers!