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WWE NXT results: American Alpha vs. Vaudevillians, Shinsuke Nakamura debuts

The BIG News: Sami Zayn will face the debuting Shinsuke Nakamura at Takeover: Dallas

The Medium News: Bayley will defend her championship against Asuka at the afore-mentioned Takeover: Dallas show

The Little News: American Alpha became the new #1 Contender's to the NXT Tag Team Title and will theoretically face The Revival at Takeover: Dallas

Sami Zayn is out to kick off the show. I wonder when they taped this segment since theoretically it was taped minutes after the last show ended, but Sami looked refreshed.

Zayn put Joe over, but said his focus is still the same and his goal is to still become a 2x NXT Champion. One thing does bother Zayn and that's that he does not have a match at Takeover: Dallas.

This brought out Mr. William Regal, who agreed that Sami deserves something special at Takeover and he deserves to face one of the best in the world. Mr. Regal announced Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura for Takeover. Now I can officially say how much I am marking out.

They had a video with Nakamura saying he will see Zayn at Takeover. The fans chanted “Holy sh*t” as the announcers put over Nakamura huge.

The Hype Bros defeated Angelo Dawkins & Kevin Crawford

They announced American Alpha vs Vaudevillians for later. They did that last week and instead the opening match went 45 minutes. I will go out on a limb and say this match will not go that long.

Dawkins and Crawford looked good working with Ryder. Mojo still hasn't improved to do more than just the basic Mojo spots. Mojo did break out a discus punch to the face and the Bros won with a Hype Ryder in decidedly less than 45 minutes.

-Dana Brooke and Emma were walking backstage when Deonna Purrazzo suddenly appeared. Emma told her the beating she's going to get tonight is worst than the one Asuka gave her. Deonna said she would win and the heels laughed at her.

Emma submitted Deonna Purrazzo

Could they please change Deonna Purrazzo's name? This match was not very good and downright clumsy at times. I know it's important to get new girls on tv, but I feel bad if Purrazzo is the best of the next group of girls.

The entire match seemed to telegraph a flash pin for Purrazzo. Emma hit several big moves and wouldn't go for falls and act so cocky. Plus the announcers were blatantly pointing this out. It was all set up for Purrazzo to pin Emma, but before that happened Emma submitted her with the Emma Lock.

Tommaso Ciampa defeated Jesse Sorensen

Ciampa stampeded to the ring and got there before the ring announcer even introduced him. Ciampa ran across the ring and hit move after move on Sorensen. Ciampa hit a running knee in the corner and a discus clothesline for a 2 count.

They went to the mandatory rest hold before Sorensen made his comeback. Sorensen went for the 10 punches of doom, but Ciampa tripped him up and kneed him in the head. On the mat Ciampa hit several knees to the head before submitting Jesse with a rolling armbar.

Bayley & Asuka defeated Eva Marie & Nia Jax

Izzy, the little girl who dresses like Bayley, was now moved to dead center in the front row, as opposed to by the ramp. I only noted that because Bayley didn't go over near her and the announcers didn't even bring it up. Nia started the match, Eva tagged in and quickly got caught in the ring with Asuka. I never felt so bad for Eva as Asuka beat the heck out of her.

Nia blind tagged herself in and they got the heat on the champ when Nia laid her out with a Samoan Drop. Eva did that wacky stretch where you pull your opponents arms behind her back with your knee pressed into the back, but Eva forgot the second part.

Eva slapped Asuka on the apron and then Nia accidentally legdropped Eva. This was not Eva's night. Eva got a kick to the back of the head by Asuka before being pinned with a Belly to Bayley Suplex.

- After the match Mr. Regal walked out, congratulating both Bayley and Asuka on winning before booking them against each other for Takeover.

- We had a split screen interview where the announcers interviewed Austin Aries. Aries said he is happy to be here, but it's too bad his debut got ruined by Baron Corbin. Aries said he told Mr. Regal, who apologized, that he should feel sorry for Baron. Aries said Baron will soon find out why Aries is the greatest man who ever lived.

In a NXT tag team #1 Contender's Match, American Alpha defeated The Vaudevillians

Main event time! One of these two teams will become the #1 Contender's to the NXT Tag Team Championship while the other team will move to the back of the line. Corey Graves alerted us to Dan Gable recently giving props to Chad Gable.

Gable and Gotch worked really well together and made me wish I could see a match just between the two of them. Coming back from commercial the heels had cut off Gable and were wearing him down. The crowd wasn't dead for this match, but they weren't as psyched as they have been for Gable in the past.

Jordan hot tagged in and suplexed everyone on their heads. Gable tagged himself in and had English pinned with Chaos Theory, but Gable broke it up. Jordan gave Gable a belly to belly overhead suplex on the floor and American Alpha won with Grand Amplitude.

That does it for this week! Takeover is now 16 days away and the card is fricking amazing. Until next week when Asuka faces Emma, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers.