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WWE NXT results, Largo, FL 12/4: Cameron works and wins a match

Thanks to Chris Hughes and J.J. Williams

- Samoa Joe and Bayley were advertised but didn't appear.
- Return date is January 29.

1. Levis Valenzula Jr. def. Angelo Dawkins with a knockout punch.  Some comedy with Valenzula dancing while applying a headlock and Dawkins losing his headbands.

2. Chad Gable & Jason Jordan def. The Vaudevillans when they hit their finisher on English.  Jordan has a towel that says "CALL ME JAY JAY" to go along with Gable's. Vaudevillans were working as the heels. Great hot tag spot to Jordan where he cleaned house with a t-bone suplex and a belly to belly.

3. Nia Jax def. Daria the Jersey Devil (from Tough Enough).  Daria was dressed as an MMA fighter. Nice hope spot where Daria got a triangle on but Nia power bombed her out of it. Total squash otherwise. Nia cut a promo on Bayley afterwards.

4. Hugo Knox def. Tino Sabatelli. Knox is huge but can move.  He hit a jumping enziguri and a split leg moonsault off the top for the win.

5.  Bull Dempsey def. Sawyer Fulton.  Tons of comedy.  Bull had a Santa hat and Fulton stomped on it for heat.  The story was Bull couldn't slam him all match, but after a hulk up, he slammed him and hit the Whoopie cushion.

6. Asuka and Carmella def. Emma and Alexa Bliss.  Asuka got Bliss with the chicken wing on a roll-up reversal.  Asuka got a star reaction.

7. Apollo Crews def. Noah (Kekoa).  Quick match.

8. Cameron def. Peyton Royce with some sort of neckbreaker.  Not a lot of heat on Cameron for someone who was on the main roster for so long.

9. Finn Balor, Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady def. Tye Dillenger, Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson.  Long heat segment on Enzo.  Dash and Dawson have become great tag workers.  They should have a great match at Takeover.  Balor won with the foot stomp on Dillenger.  Match of the night by far.