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WWE NXT results: More matches from Brooklyn


The Big News: The Authors of Pain were given names!

The Medium News: If you watched NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II, you could literally fast forward through 35 minutes of this show

The Little Beaver-sized News: Tye Dillinger won a match.

Tye Dillinger defeated Wesley Blake

Literally no one in the crowd cared about Wesley Blake's entrance. Seriously, you have never seen so many people not make noise for someone. As soon as Blake stopped slowly walking to the ring, the crowd exploded in “10” chants.

Not sure if the crowd loves Dillinger as much as they love to chant. This match was long and not exciting at all. Dillinger won with the Tye-breaker, which starts as an Attitude Adjustment, but he drops his opponent's head on his knee.


They showed a series of video replays from the important matches from TakeOver.

If you did not watch the show, first of all, what is wrong with you?! Secondly, go watch the show on the WWE Network, or at least read my awesome recap that I did right here on Now with 100 percent positive feedback!


The Authors of Pain defeated TM61

We are on day 77 of The Authors of Pain era in NXT. And finally, after 11 weeks, they were given names midway through the match! Akam is the tattooed one and Rezer is the one who is not.

They are managed by Paul Ellering, one of the most memorable managers from the 80s. In 77 days, he was allowed to say one sentence into one microphone one time.

Anyway, TM61 were on fire from the start, actually attacking AOP before the bell. Turns out all that did was anger the Authors, as they got the heat on Shane Thorne by pulling him shoulder-first into the ring post.

Thorne and Nick Miller looked better against AOP than any other team so far, including American Alpha. Despite that, The Authors of Pain picked up the win with the combo clothesline/side Russian leg sweep.

That does it for the show. Next week we are back to regular episodes and we start the build to the next TakeOver show! Until then, say your vitamins and take your prayers.