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WWE NXT results: Nakamura; Bayley returns; Austin Aries & No Way Jose dance

  • The Big News: Finn Balor will wrestle Shinsuke Nakamura on July 13!
  • The Medium News: Bayley returned to the ring after 5 weeks, picking up a big win
  • The Little Beaver Sized News: Chris Girard changed his name but shockingly won a match

Oney Lorcan pinned Tye Dillinger

We start things off with the Perfect 10. Dillinger had won a match 3 weeks ago, but since that, he has straight losses to Andrade Cien Almas. Lorcan is the new dumb name for Chris Girard. This is the first time Dillinger has wrestled where his opponent was already in the ring, which gave him a really good chance of winning as per the rules of wrestling.

Lorcan got more offense than you would think, including nearly taking Dillinger's head off with an uppercut. Lorcan hit a series of elbows in the corner until he got smacked right in the jaw with a superkick, which popped the crowd. Dillinger went for the 10 Punches of Doom, but Lorcan pushed him off...and pinned him with a neck breaker?

So much for the rules of wrestling.


Austin Aries cut a promo backstage with Cathy. He said he will prove his greatness and one day become NXT Champion. You don't become the greatest in one match and you don't lose it in one match. He is now more focused and has a bigger chip on his shoulder.

Up walked No Way Jose, who told him to stay positive.


Bayley was standing outside in her wrestling gear and announced that she just found out she has been cleared to return to action.


No Way Jose pinned Josh Woods

Woods looks like an indy MMA fighter, but we proved that the real tough men are in WWE. This match was 95% Jose and he won with the Full Nelson Slam.

Jose danced after the match when he was interrupted by Aries. I guess that's only apropos since Jose interrupted his promo time. Aries told him that in this industry, you are not defined by your victories, but by your victories. He was not 100% at Takeover, but will not make excuses.

Aries then realized what Jose taught him. Aries forgot that NXT is about having fun and thanked Jose for reminding him of that and reminding him what he needs to be. Aries shook his hand and went to leave, but Jose dragged him back into the the ring to dance.

This actually happened.

Jose and Aries danced all the way up the ramp and over to the announce position...and then Aries finally turned on Jose. Aries beat Jose back to ringside and eventually slapped the Last Chancery on on the ramp.


William Regal met with Shinsuke Nakamura and informed him that in 3 weeks it will be Balor vs Nakamura.

In walked Buddy Murphy who was mad that Mr. Regal wasn't treating him like a top star. Nakamura basically informed her that they would be wrestling.


Bayley defeated Deonna Purrazzo

This is Bayley's first tv match in 5 weeks since a worked injury angle in a match with Nia Jax. The fans exploded for her. This match was all about Bayley, which is exactly what the fans wanted. Bayley won with the Bayley to Belly Suplex.


Carmella wants to be the face of the women's division and wants to be the next champion. Up walked Alexa Bliss who said no one knows who she is. They argued over who was more important to their respective team.

They challenged each other and will wrestle next week.


We got a video package for Samoa Joe and then a video package of the Asuka-Nia Jax match from Takeover. If that wasn't enough for you, we also got a video package for The Authors Of Pain.


Nia Jax destroyed Liv Morgan

Morgan went for a headlock in the first ten seconds, which caused Nia to squash her like a bug. Morgan did her best to run from Nia, but Nia ran at her, smashing Liv with her entire body and winning with a power bomb.


Shinsuke Nakamura pinned Buddy Murphy

Blake and Murphy seem to have finally thrown the towel in on the team. However, I do remember saying that about Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger, but they kept breaking up for months until they finally did.

The match didn't even start until 8:55 and the first thing that happened was Nakamura kicking poor Murphy. Murphy got to use both an armbar and a headlock before resuming his position as Nakamura's kicking bag. Nakamura eventually got tired of kicking Murphy and won with the Kinshasa.

So, that does it for this week. It's almost a skippable episode, but we are just three weeks away from Nakamura-Balor! Until next week, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!