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WWE NXT results: Samoa Joe attacks Shinsuke Nakamura


Samoa Joe was out to start the show. He did a promo designed to make you think he was turning babyface and called out Nakamura. After Nakamura came out, Joe said that he has no apologies and that he meant everything he said before their match at TakeOver, but he now feels that Nakamura is a deserving champion.

He asked for a rematch when he’s medically cleared and, after playing with the crowd for about 30 seconds, Nakamura accepted. Joe left as the segment seemingly ended.

As Nakamura was leaving the ring to his music, Joe came back out and attacked him on the ramp. He beat Nakamura down around the ringside area, including a uranage on the ring steps before officials broke it up. Joe screamed “I did this to you” at him.

They showed a few replays and took their time while medical officials took Nakamura away, wrapping him in a neck brace and doing a full stretcher job. William Regal came out to observe with no music and Corey Graves even left his announce position to check on things to put it over as serious.

At the end of it, the fans did the clap that you’d see at a sporting event if something similar happened and chanted Nakamura's name. Regal left, looking extremely pissed off.

After a short break, they were back at the announce position and Corey Graves and Tom Phillips were doing the low voice thing that announcers used to do when something is “not a part of the show." They cut back to William Regal backstage looking for Joe and he caught up with a car that was speeding away, presumably with Joe in it.

Liv Morgan defeated Rachel Fazio

Announcers were very subdued at the start of this, still putting over the angle that kicked off the show. Phillips informed us that Nakamura had been taken to a local medical facility and they hoped to have an update before the end of the show. Graves admitted not being able to focus on this match as his career ended prematurely due to injury and he was worried about Nakamura’s future.

Morgan won via submission with a modified guillotine in a match that had almost no heat.

She cut a promo after the match, saying “no offense Rachel but you just got tapped out.” She then said that everyone says the women’s division in NXT has been cleared out, but she’s still there. She then called out Asuka. Crowd chanted "Asuka's gonna kill you." Other than that, this segment died a death but it was almost set up to.

As Drew Gulak was coming out for the next match, Graves and Phillips advised us that Nakamura has feeling in his extremities and that things were looking good for the champion.

Hideo Itami defeated Drew Gulak

These two got the crowd back to an extent with a hot open, but it just died when Gulak went on offense for the meat of the match. Itami fired up after getting several slaps from Gulak and the crowd got back into it. They were chanting for the GTS and Itami obliged for the win.

Authors of Pain w/Paul Ellering defeated Doug Sessa & Chris Pain

The jobbers had pretty good size. Sessa took a beating early and his partner tried to leave but was pulled back into the ring and took a double powerbomb before being rolled out of the ring. Sessa then took a brutal clothesline for the easy win.

Tye Dillinger was interviewed backstage by someone off-camera. He’s a perfect 10 was the gist of this.

Bobby Roode defeated No Way Jose

Roode’s entrance cut off No Way Jose’s, which the crowd didn’t like at first but they still sang along with it. Even at Full Sail, Roode’s entrance is pretty great. Crowd chanted "That was glorious" as the match began and then sang the song, even after it stopped playing.

Crowd heeled on Jose when he took control of the match, which is interesting, chanting “You’re not glorious." He did get them back a couple minutes into his offense though.

Roode took over after a break, slowing down Jose with a spinebuster. Graves did what sounded like a cut-in with an update on Nakamura where he just repeated what he said earlier and informed us we needed to go to for a further update on the champion's condition.

Jose hit an airplane spin into a TKO that seemed designed as a false finish but no one bought it for a second. He then missed the wind-up KO punch, which Roode reversed into a neckbreaker and then hit a DDT for the win.

Good effort from Jose there and just enough from Bobby Roode, who is clearly being set up as the next champ when Joe and Nakamura are done with their feud.