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WWE NXT results: Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin, Alex Riley returns!

  • The Big News: Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe both won the #1 Contender's triple threat match over Baron Corbin
  • The Medium News: Jason Jordan and Chad Gable are now AMERICAN ALPHA!
  • The Little Beaver-sized News: Alex Riley is back. No really.

I am not spoiling anything, but I cannot wait to go to NXT Takeover: Dallas.

American Alpha defeated Blake & Murphy (w/Alexa Bliss)

American Alpha is the new name for Jason Jordan & Chad Gable. Tonight they are here to do battle with yet another former set of Tag Team Champions. They have beaten The Vaudevillians and The Ascension and are now here to do battle with Blake & Murphy. They still have the Lucha Dragons and the Wyatt Family to go. Blake and Murphy were outclassed by Gable at one point. Murphy was trying to get the heat, but Gable took out both men by himself like it was nothing. The fans chanted that Blake's top know looked stupid. Gable used a hip toss on Murphy that looked more like a power slam.

After being whooped by Gable, Murphy injured his knee coming down from a leapfrog. Blake tried attacking Gable from behind and IT'S A MIRACLE! MURPHY IS HEALTHY AGAIN! The heels took over briefly until Gable back dropped Blake out of the ring. Jordan got the hot tag and it was Full Suplex University! Jordan suplexed both men time and again before winning with their double team move.

- Alex interviewed Emma and Dana Brooke. Next week, Emma will face Carmella. Dana pointed out that the tag match last week was all about Bayley and had nothing to do with Carmella. They mocked Carmella for losing to Blue Pants and said Emma will have no problem with her next week.

- We got an Asuka video package.

Nia Jax (w/Eva Marie) pinned Liv Morgan

Brian Witner's favorite wrestler is in the corner of Nia Jax. Yeah, he's the only one. Anyway Liv Morgan looks like a low rent Kaitlyn and Nia destroyed her. Something tells me this match was total crap live as we got more than one obvious edit. Nia won with a legdrop.

- Carmella cut a promo saying she would beat Emma all by herself, calling the Emmalution a freaking joke. Enzo and Cass took over and called Dash & Dawson fat. Enzo said he almost beat up the guy pumping his gas because he thought it was Dash and Dawson.

- A Baron Corbin video aired.

- Another heel Vaudevillians video aired. THEY ARE NO LONGER SMILING!

Alex Riley pinned Bull Dempsey

Bull has yet another new theme. No seriously. Alex Riley is back. Remember when he quit his NXT announcing job to go after Kevin Owens? How many people does Owens have unfinished storylines with at this point? The announcers talked about how they didn't even know Riley was here. Well the announcer and the guy who cues the music certainly knew. Riley almost won with a neck breaker and did win with a knee to the face. No one cared. Remember when Riley when randomly get good reactions? Well this was not one of those nights.

Riley was in a dark corner drinking water. He said the last 4 months he has sent texts and emails to Stamford, Connecticut and got 0 replies. I think Vince was like “Who?” Anyway, Riley was upset because NXT had video packages for Sami Zayn's return and in depth profiles on Apollo Crews and nothing about Riley.

Elias Sampson pinned John Skylar

John Skylar has HHH's logo on the ass of his trunks. Or at least a logo that looks a lot like it. This match was fine. It was better than Sampson's other squash matches, but that's like saying being shot in the foot is better than being shot in the head. Elias won with a spinning neck breaker.

- The Hype Bros were randomly talking about The Vaudevillians' promo packages, bro. They became really annoying, bro, when talking about going clubbing, bro. Bro, then they talked about Zubaz, bro and Mojo watching Ryder sleep, bro. They said bro in 30 seconds more than Vince Russo could ever dream of, bro.

- Next week is Finn Balor vs Apollo Crews in a non-title match.

Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe both won the #1 Contender's Triple Threat Match when they made Baron Corbin tap out.

I always love a good fight and that's what this was. It was three guys who all had one goal and that was to win and become the #1 contender. Joe tore through both men for several minutes. He kept knocking Baron down and out, outside the ring, while beating on the smaller Zayn. Zayn was finally able to dispose of Joe, but as soon as he did that he ran right into Corbin. Poor guy could not catch a break.

Sami finally caught a break thanks to the commercial break. Zayn fired up as we came back from commercial and hit an amazing dive over the top rope to both men outside. Corbin almost pinned Zayn with a Black Hole Slam. Joe at one point used a drop toe hold to Sami where Zayn landed in a pinfall on Corbin. The referee didn't even attempt to count since Joe was doing his running back splash to both men.

Zayn nearly got a win with a Blue Thunder Bomb on Corbin, but after Baron kicked out, Joe yanked Sami outside the ring and choked him out with the Coquina Clutch. Zayn had to wake up because Corbin had Joe pinned with End of Days and he had to break it up. Zayn had Corbin pinned again, this time with the Halluva Kick, but Joe broke it up. Zayn slapped the Sharpshooter on Corbin...and Joe ran in to put the Crossface on Baron and he had no choice but to tap out.

Both Zayn and Joe argued that their submission was the one to cause Corbin to tap out. Mr. Regal walked out to talk to the referee. Mr. Regal said he had to go review the tape of the match. The fans had no idea what they were saying and everyone just walked off.


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