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WWE NXT results: TakeOver main event is set; Ibushi makes his debut

  • The Big News: Whether he likes it or not, Samoa Joe will defend his NXT championship at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II against Shinsuke Nakamura.
  • The Medium News: Kota Ibushi debuted on NXT and destroyed Buddy Murphy.
  • The Little Beaver Sized News: No Way Jose is quite angry at Austin Aries.


Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Wesley Blake

We kick off NXT with the King of Strong Style going one-on-one with Wesley Blake. Blake got his first name back even though he lost his teammate and his manager. He also has weird, moody theme music.

We did see a video from “earlier today” where Blake and Murphy argued. Blake said he would beat Nakamura, and Murphy said he will beat Kota Ibushi later tonight.

The fans sang Nakamura's theme before settling down into a simple “Let's go Shinsuke” chant. Blake did a rolling leapfrog over Nakamura and then blew kisses at the former IWGP champion. Nakamura caught the kisses, dropped them on the mat, and stomped on them before resuming the match.

Blake got a little bit of offense, but tonight is not his night. Nakamura wins with the Kinshasa after a reverse exploder.

After the match, William Regal came out and announced the main event of NXT: TakeOver on August 20th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. It will be Samoa Joe vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the NXT championship!


Of Mice And Men did a quick shout out to NXT for using one of their songs as the official theme song of the next TakeOver.


Billie Kay defeated Santana Garrett

Billie Kay was apparently defeated by Dana Brooke on SmackDown recently. Oh well, perhaps she'll do better against former TNA knockout Santana Garrett.

The announcers said that the success of losing a three-minute TV match has gone to Kay's head. This is one of those matches that proves the NXT women's division is really needing to be rebuilt.

Anyway, Kay won with a big boot.


Bayley was talking to Regal in his office, asking for another title shot. She wants the shot in Brooklyn, where she won it the first time.

Regal said he loves the idea, and as long as Asuka is okay with it, they will draw up the paperwork and have a contract signing.


They had a video package for an unnamed debuting supserstar. They just showed someone crouching in high grass while someone else did a voiceover. The package may have been for Ember Moon, who was formerly Athena on the indies.


TM61 defeated Rob Rizin & Adrian Nails

The Mighty 61 is 1-1 on TV. Will Nick Miller and Shane Thorne improve to 2-1?

Nails wasn't even in proper gear, wearing kneepads over his ripped jeans.

Rizin looked decent here and the heels got the heat on Thorne, but Thorne made the hot tag to Miller when Rizin and Nails missed two corner splashes. Miller and Thorne took over and won quickly with Thunder Valley.

After the match, TM61 helped Rizin and Nails to their feet and shook their hands.


About a month ago Austin Aries began dancing with No Way Jose before assaulting him. Two weeks ago Jose returned and sent Aries running out of the arena.


Hideo Itami returns next week. Again, I really doubt we will find out who randomly attacked and injured him right before NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable.


No Way Jose defeated Steve Cutler

We don't know much about Steve Cutler except his last name rhymes with butler, and if he wins then The Cutler will have done it! Anyway, Cutler has Lash LeRoux sideburns and a theme song that includes a dog barking.

Cutler angered Jose by shoving him, so Jose flipped his lid. Jose won with the windup punch and the Cobra Clutch slam.

After the match, Jose took the mic and cut a promo on Aries. Jose said he was just trying to give Aries good vibes, but Aries took advantage of him. And when he showed Aries he could fight, The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived turned into the biggest coward in NXT.

Jose vowed to whoop Aries' ass.


Kota Ibushi defeated Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy kept the dubstep music in the divorce proceedings. I wonder what Alexa got to keep? Kota Ibushi had the same titantron and graphic as he has on the Cruiserweight Classic.

The fans popped big for a genuine surprise. WWE now has Nakamura, Ibushi, Styles, Gallows, Anderson, and Shelton Benjamin, all of whom were in recent G1 Climaxes. I wonder if New Japan is going to start raiding people in the Royal Rumble?

Murphy looked good here, but he suffered the same fate against Ibushi that his former partner did earlier against Nakamura. Murphy kicked Ibushi in the face, so Ibushi kicked his head clean off his shoulders and got a near fall with a bridging German suplex. Ibushi then won with a sit-out powerbomb.


Samoa Joe was wandering around backstage when he was informed of his match with Nakamura at TakeOver. Joe was angry about the disrespect shown to him and vowed to go fix this.


Bobby Roode arrives on NXT next week.


The Champ is in the building for the main event segment. Moody Samoa Joe goes to the ring to address the disrespect of being informed of his upcoming title match the way he was.

Joe informed us that the match with Nakamura will not be happening due to Nakamura being an undeserving challenger. Joe says that Nakamura didn't do what he did to get the title. To be fair, Joe at least has a gripe since he almost literally had to leap through hoops for both his first and second title matches.

Regal came out and said his decisions are final, and Joe will fight who he tells him to fight. Joe told Regal he had one opportunity to fix this. He recommended they go to his office and have a mutual discussion over who Joe should face, specifically someone Joe approves.

Regal told him that if he doesn't fight Nakamura then he will be stripped of the belt. Joe angrily told him he's got the match and this is the biggest mistake Regal has ever made. He decimated Finn Balor and in Brooklyn he will do the same to Nakamura.

Just as Regal turned to leave, Joe threatened to destroy Nakamura before TakeOver. This brought out our spastic number one contender. Nakamura stood on top of the ramp, staring down the champ who was shaking in anger.

That does it for another week of NXT, and with three weeks to go until TakeOver, tune in next week for another fun-tastic episode. And remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!