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WWE NXT results: Women's Champion Bayley battles Alexa Bliss

Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss

The Big News: NXT had a bad show. The matches were mostly bad, the audience was mostly dead. I couldn't even get entertainment from Corey Graves' obnoxious commentary

The Medium Sized News: Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe was made official for Takeover.

The Little Beaver Sized News: In news almost as tragic as "NXT had a bad show", Eva Marie will be challenging for the Women's Championship next week.


Nia Jax pinned Carmella

This is Carmella's first appearance since her boys Colin and Enzo were taken out two weeks ago. After 14 months of being aligned with the most charismatic man on NXT no one cares about Carmella at all.

Carmella looked bad in this match, seemingly unable to take a bump as even when Nia ran her over, she just fell into the ropes. Nia used that jumping bear hug that is so much cooler than her actual finish, but Carmella turned it into a front chinlock. That lasted 10 seconds. Nia did miss a jumping sitting splash, but she caught Carmella on a move, used her standing uranage and legdrop for the win.

That wasn't Eva Marie bad, but bad nonetheless.

- Alexa Bliss is tired of hearing about the Iron Man Match at Takeover and now tonight she is going to take Bayley's championship. Alexa said she wasn't on NXT to make people smile or have a good time (ignore baby face run). As she was finishing up a referee came in and told her that Mr. Regal banned Blake & Murphy from ringside. Blake and Murphy were upset, but Alexa didn't get angry.

Chad Gable & Jason Jordan defeated The Ascension

The Ascension were the longest NXT Tag Team Champions in history. Not mentioned is they held the belts forever because there were literally no other teams on NXT. When I say there were no teams I don't mean there were 2 or 3 times. I mean there was 1 team and that was The Ascension.

The NXT fans were really into Ascension, like they always were. They were so into Konnor and Viktor they didn't reply much to Jordan & Gable, who are normally the crowd favorites. In addition they chanted “Ya ya!” to the tune of Kurt Angle's WWE theme, as opposed to “Gable” like they normally do.

Ascension looked better here than they have possibly ever on the main roster. Has WWE effectively used anyone from NXT since The Shield? Better yet, have they used anyone effectively in their NXT gimmick? The fans kinda got behind Gable, but only enough to do a dueling chant while the heels got the heat on him. Jordan got the hot tag and even then the fans didn't really care until he dropped his straps like Angle.

Viktor used a beautiful flying knee from the middle rope on Jordan, but Gable broke it up and hit a flip dive onto Konnor on the outside. Finally Jordan and Gable picked up the win with their move where Jordan throws Viktor into the air and Gable catches him and hits a side suplex for the win.

- On, they announced a Survivor Series elimination match, but literally did not list a single person in the match. So with that taken care of, I want to squash a rumor right away: I will NOT be a team captain or even a member of either team. Sorry to let everyone down.

- They aired a really good video package for Bayley vs Alexa. Too bad the match is happening tonight and not at Takeover.

- Speaking of Bayley, she cut a promo stating that becoming champion was not easy and retaining the title is just as hard. Alexa Bliss will learn that it is not easy to take the championship from her and will get the wrestling lesson of a lifetime.

Emma submitted Mary Kay

Emma is here going one on one with a pretty girl with dark hair. If you have no idea why I said that, consider yourself lucky. Anyway they didn't bother to name Mary Kay until the match had long since begun.

This match was better than the opener, but not by a whole lot. The announcers spent the whole time building up Emma's future match with Asuka and all I could think was I don't want to see Emma wrestle anyone. Are my standards just too high or was Emma just never any good? Anyhoo Emma used a version of the Curb Stomp before winning with the Emma Lock.

- Last week Baron Corbin cut a promo stating he didn't like Apollo Crews before challenging him to a match at Takeover: London.

- Next week: Dash & Dawson vs The Vaudevillians for the tag team titles

NXT Tag Team Champions Dash & Dawson defeated Corey Hollis & John Skylar

Much to my surprise Hollis and Skylar were introduced on tv. Anyway the story of this match is these four men faced off years ago, before any of them were in WWE. Dawson used a really nice Dragon Screw Leg Whip and single legged crap on Hollis as the champs got the heat on their foe. This match was longer than the other squashes on the show. I guess someone realized they needed to fill time. Anyway they destroyed Hollis' knee until Hollis tagged in Skylar. Skylar was so fricking excited, he ran into the ring...and immediately got hit with the Toss in the air/Codebreaker combo to give the champs the win.

- Tom Phillips asked Asuka about her masks. Before she could say anything, Dana Brooke walked up and she is still offended that Asuka patted her on the head. Next week it will be a rematch. Dana patted Tom on the head and it was not nearly as great as with Devin. Emma skipped in after and they secretly spoke of their plan for Asuka.

- Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe for the NXT Championship was made official for Takeover in December, plus next week they will sign the contract for their match.

-Samoa Joe put a pre-taped promo from his home. Joe said Mr. Regal ordered him to stay home just in case Finn tried to retaliate. Joe said this was to protect Finn and next week when the match is set in stone he will hurt Finn and take his championship at London.

NXT Women's Champion Bayley pinned Alexa Bliss

Bayley got, by far, the biggest reaction of the show so far. Like it was an entirely different crowd that came out for the main event.

Bayley blitzed Alexa at the bell, just destroying her challenger, putting her in different inopportune situations. Alexa rolled outside to breathe when Bayley followed out and got slammed into the ring apron, finally giving Alexa the chance to take over.

The fans literally got so bored during the heat they did the “Boo!” “Yay!” cheer spot even though Alexa had Bayley in a rear chinlock. This was twice as long as any Alexa singles match ever and it seemed she was not ready for a match that long as it looked like she ran out of things to do. Alexa got a near fall with a sunset flip, which turned out to be the closest she ever got. The match built and ended out of nowhere. Bayley won with a Belly to Bayley Suplex out of nowhere. I am sure the fans were a-ok with the match being over, but sure seemed like Alexa never did anything that made you think she was about to win.

Just when this week's episode couldn't get worse...Eva Marie came out. The fans barely had the energy to boo and chant no at her entrance. However the did not want her to talk, as soon as she opened up her yap they summoned up the energy to boo the heck out of her. Eva eventually challenged Bayley to a title match next week. May God have mercy on our soul. On Thanksgiving Eve Eva Marie may become champion.


Well, that does it for another week. Until that absolutely dreadful moment, I encourage you all to say your vitamins and take your prayers!