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WWE NXT TV Report 4/1/15: Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze 2 out of 3 Falls, Sami Zayn, Rhyno

Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze

By Emerson Witner, & Wrestling Outsiders Podcast

I want to send a special thank you to Jeremy Peeples for standing in for me last week. He is actually the first person to do this report, other than me, since October 11, 2010.

The show started with Sami Zayn returning to NXT for the first time since Takeover. He noted that while wrestling in Abu Dhabi all he could think of was Kevin Owens. The Kevin Owens he wrestled last month was not the same Owens he wrestled two years ago or ten years ago. This is a different man. Sami formulated a new plan, which is to a) use his rematch and recapture the title and b) kick Kevin Owens' ass.

Rhyno destroyed A Local Competitor

There was literally nothing more to this match. Rhyno's foe wasn't even named. After the match, Rhyno cut a promo saying he wants to be NXT Champion. The fans chanted “Gore” as Rhyno put Sami Zayn, Finn Balor and Kevin Owens on notice.

- Dana Brooke is coming soon. I hugged her at Axxess.

- Last week, Kevin Owens and Finn Balor had an amazing 20 minute match that I watched today and kinda wish I watched last week.  Owens cut a promo last week saying all that matters is he won. No one is taking his title, not Balor, not Zayn, no one.

Bayley pinned Emma

This was set up from a few weeks ago when Emma told Bayley that she is too nice to make it on the main roster and then last week Emma slapped her. Emma kept up the heel turn, mockingly doing her dance and then not doing the pull up into the ring.

Emma spent the match lulling Bayley into a false sense of security. Emma would knock Bayley down and then help her back to her feet. Finally Emma did a half assed cover of Bayley, so Bayley rolled her up for the win.

- Becky Lynch cut a promo about how she is the only Diva on NXT to not get a singles title match. She came from Ireland for one shave most of her head, grow a beard and braid it. Nah just kidding. She wants to win the title.

Tag Team Champions Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy defeated Lucha Dragons

I met Blake and Murphy last week and still have no idea which one is which. This was another match with the competitors going half speed. If this show was live I would assume everyone had a post-WrestleMania hang over.

The champs got the heat on Kalisto and the man whose picture is on my pillow took a beating. Cara got the hot tag and went all Lucha on the champs. Kalisto really is better at the hot comeback. Cara got shoved off the apron and the champs won with the Running Suplex/Frog Splash combo.

- Zayn was getting ready to cut a promo when Rhyno came up and said that the line for NXT Title shots starts behind him.

- A Solomon Crowe video package aired.

Jason Jordan pinned Tye Dillinger

Jordan and Dillinger broke up at least three or four times, but this is their first match. You know if they keep wrestling each other I will assume they really have broken up. Jordan took almost the entire match, aggressively beating down his partner. Dillinger just kept getting killed until ignoring the beating and making the comeback. Jordan cut him off and won with a T-Bone Suplex.

- Next week is NXT at WrestleMania Axxess.

Tyler Breeze took 2 out of 3 falls from Hideo Itami

This is at least their fifth bout. Hideo won the first three, but Breeze won their most recent. This is actually the fourth two out of three falls bout in NXT history. The first being the famous Cesaro-Zayn match and then we got Adrian Neville vs Corey Graves and Sami Zayn vs Leo Kruger, who would later become Adam Rose.

Itami won the first fall quickly with the running kick to the face. Breeze spent the second fall in the corner. Hideo kept trying to go after him, but the ref pulled him back until Breeze nailed the Beauty Shot to win the second fall.

The announcers pushed that the winner could be the next #1 Contender. I guess you can never have too many people feuding over title shots. Breeze missed a dropkick which led to Itami making his comeback. Hideo gave him a clothesline that Breeze almost took by landing on his head. They messed up a small package with Breeze falling down.

They traded near falls, which got the fans rocking. Itami missed the corner drop kick, but Breeze missed the Beauty Shot. Itami hit the corner dropkick and threw Breeze into the ropes, but Prince Pretty came off with the Beauty Shot! Breeze fell onto Itami and picked up the surprising win!

That does it for this week! What does the future hold for Breeze? Maybe more Itami matches. Who knows? Until next week remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!