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WWE NXT TV Taping the night before Royal Rumble in Orlando

NXT to tape TV the night before the Royal Rumble

It looks to become tradition that WWE will run NXT events in conjunction with its big three pay-per-views after the huge success of the show two nights before WrestleMania in San Jose and the night before SummerSlam in Brooklyn.

With the Royal Rumble being in Orlando, the home base of NXT, it was a given something would take place. With the NXT Takeover special in December in London, and the company wanting to space out the NXT big shows so more time can be devoted to building angles and keeping them special, it doesn't look like a live special will happen.

However, HHH announced that they would be doing a television taping on 1/22 in Orlando at the CFE Arena at the University of Central Florida campus, which is the Friday night before the Rumble.  The arena, which holds 10,000, meaning with a stage set up capacity would probably becloser to 7,000, will be the biggest NXT event ever in the state of Florida.