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WWE NXT TV tapings spoilers for the next four weeks: Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor

Dark match: Braun Stowman beat Dash Wilder

1st set of tapings

- Sami Zayn's music hit, but Kevin Owens came out. He said that he wanted to do an NXT open challenge, but wasn't insecure and likes it when people earn their title shot. People started chanting "John Cena sucks". He said, "It's weird cause I've never heard you guys chanting Sami Zayn sucks and he does too!" He said that he did what he said he was gonna do. Zayn showed up and Owens took him out. He said that he's a good person because he let the crowd live the moment when Samoa Joe showed up. He added he can drop Joe like that, snapping his fingers. 

- William Regal came to the ring. He said that the only reason Owens is still working is because Regal put his fingers on him first. 

- Solomon Crowe came to the ring. He said that Owens is scared and called him a piece of crap. Owens offered him a chance for the title and Regal booked it. 

- Emma beat Bayley with the Emma Lock. Dana Brooke accompanied Emma. After the match, they doubled team Bayley until Charlotte saved her, but they got the best of Charlotte too, with Brooke doing a samoan driver on Charlotte. New song for Emma, same beginning but it turns into a more heelish tune. She doesn't do that wacky entrance of hers anymore. She's fully heel, no more comedy. 

- Tag Team Champions Blake and Murphy w/Alexa Bliss (with new gears matching those of Blake and Murphy) beat Elias Sampson & Mike Rollins with Blake doing a frog splash on Sampson. After the match, Bliss did her sparkle splash on Sampson. 

- Finn Balor beat Tye Dillinger with the Coup de Grace. 

- NXT Champion Kevin Owens beat Solomon Crowe with the pop-up powerbomb. Fans were chanting "get the stretcher" a minute into the match. Samoa Joe with his white towel around his neck came in. As Joe got in the ring, Owens left. 

2nd set of tapings

- Tyler Breeze beat Adam Rose with the beauty shot. Fans were chanting "we want Kruger!"  Rose had an hybrid look between Rose and Leo Kruger. 

- Interview with Eva Marie who said that she was at TakeOver because the women of NXT were doing so great. She got a "you can't wrestle" chant. 

- Alexa Bliss w/Blake & Murphy beat Carmela w/Enzo & Big Cass with a school boy holding the ropes. 

- The Vaudevillains defeated Jason Jordan & Marcus Louis when English did a swinging neck breaker to Louis. 

- Finn Balor defeated Rhyno after Rhyno missed a Gore in the corner, Balor schooled boy him for the pin. After the match, Balor was on the stage on his way back and Rhyno came out of nowhere to spear him. Great looking Gore. 

3rd set of tapings

- Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley beat Elias Sampson & Mike Rollins. After the match, Rawley and Ryder went to the crowd where a bunch of people (plants) had a white t-shirt that said Stay Hyped and they celebrated with them. 

- Emma beat Blue Pants with the Emma lock. Huge pop for Blue. People sang Happy Birthday since it was Leva Bates' (Blue Pants) birthday. After the match the ring announcer made the crowd sang Happy Birthday to her with a big Happy Birthday sign on the big screen. People chanted Leva after. 

- Tyler Breeze beat Bull Dempsey with the beauty shot. Dempsey was running after Breeze outside the ring and got blown up and got to stop twice. The second time, Breeze put him back in the ring to hit his finisher and that was it. Don't know what to think of this since Bull is supposedly a babyface. 

- Becky Lynch beat Jessie (Jessie McKay) with the Seated Fujiwara Armlock. Lynch was such a bigger star to the crowd after TakeOver. 

- Baron Corbin beat Angelo Dawkins with the end of days. Close to a 3-minute match. 

- Samoa Joe beat Scott Dawson with the Bronco Buster. Before the match, Owens was on commentaries. When he came to the commentators booth, he hugged Byron Saxton. Not the squash you would expect, probably to give Owens some time on commentaries. 

- As Owens was leaving, Joe took the mic and challenged him. Owens said that Joe was a rookie in NXT and that he was the veteran (playing on that Cena advice) and that Joe couldn't get a title match after only one match. Regal came in and made a non-title match for the following week. 

4th set of tapings

- Colin Cassady/Enzo Amore/Carmela beat Murphy/Blake/Alexa Bliss. Enzo and Cass did their usual thing but Carmela cut a promo as well. Good stuff. The rules were women vs women and men vs men only. 

- The Vaudevillains beat Jason Jordan &  McKazie (don't know who he is) The match ended in a weird way. McKazie got knocked out cold. The ref saw it right away and called for the match. Good call actually. He was completely lost after the match. The ref actually called that almost faster than a UFC ref would have done. He wasn't hit hard so not sure where he got knocked out. Paramedics came, but he was able to sit and left by his own, walking. The crowd was very respectful and applauded him. 

- Charlotte beat Cassie (KC Cassidy) with the figure eight. 

- No contest between Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. At the end, they were brawling on the outside, the ref was trying to get them back in the ring, but as they fought, they hit the ref and he called for the bell. Joe was back on the stage, Owens called him a bitch so Joe came back and they went at it again. The rookies wearing an NXT t-shirt came for the pull apart. They went at it a few more times. The crowd reacted big at the bitch comment and was into the pull apart. As he left, Owens knocked out a couple of rookies. 

- No Sami Zayn. But we don't get to see the promos and don't hear the commentators, so they might have talked about it there. 

- No Sasha Banks either. Again, it was never acknowledged to us.