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WWE Orlando, FL, live results: Nakamura, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor & Bayley hit the big time

Dean Ambrose

I'm here at the Amway Center in Orlando, FL, for a WWE house show featuring some of NXT's top talents.

- The Usos beat Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Superfly splash on Karl Anderson for the win.

- Pre taped promo by Samoa Joe and Austin Aries to hype the tag match vs Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura later in the night.

- Baron Corbin beat Zack Ryder

End of Days by Corbin for the win.

- Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura beat Austin Aries and NXT Champion Samoa Joe

Very good action as one would expect. Also, great reactions for Shinsuke and Finn.The finish saw everything break down and Finn hit the coup de grace on Aries for the win. Post match Too Sweets and stereo "YeaOh!"s to celebrate.

- Jack Swagger beat Viktor

Crowd was very into Swagger tonight with USA chants. They got excited for the Patriot Lock when he picked up the win.

- Pre-taped promo with Seth Rollins hyping his title match for later tonight.

- Cesaro beat Alberto Del Rio

Physical match that went outside of the ring to brawl. Plenty of uppercuts by Cesaro and even a short swing. Del Rio tried to set up for his corner stomp but missed, and Cesaro was able to hit The Neutralizer for the win.

- Sasha Banks, Summer Rae & Bayley beat Eva Marie, Dana Brooke & Natalya

Huge ovation for Bayley as the surprise third woman. Plenty of "We Want Sasha" chants, "Hey, We Want Some Bayley", and big heat on Eva Marie as well. Bank Statement on Eva for the submission win.

- The Shining Stars beat The Prime Time Players

The PTP are reunited! Long match but both teams were over with the live crowd and did some cool spots which included Titus throwing the stars around. Primo rolled up Darren Young and had the tights to steal the win.

- WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose beat Seth Rollins

Great match as they delivered in the main event. Two attempted Pedigrees, trash talk, and heel stalling tactics from Rollins who took the title and proclaimed himself the rightful world heavyweight champion. This match got great reactions and the crowd was into every nearfall and double down. Towards the finish, Seth missed a frog splash and both slowly made their way to their feet, trading punches for the boo / yay reaction.

Seth went for the Pedigree, yet Dean countered and hit the Dirty Deeds to get the win. Place erupted and Ambrose celebrated his hard fought victory. Match of the night.