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WWE Penticon, BC, live results: Dolph Ziggler & Tyler Breeze double-turn for local market

Tyler Breeze

Submitted by Kody Ludwig

The Dudleys and Titus O'Neil vs. The Social Outcasts (Rose and Slater) and Fandango

Bubba worked the crowd hard and had a fine 10 minute 6 man tag to get the crowd going. Dudleys and Titus went over with a 3D.

Goldust vs. Darren Young

This match was very quick with Young working heel. There wasn't very much offense going on. Goldust won with a quick rollup.

Team B.A.D. (Tamina and Naomi) vs. Paige and Natalya with Alica Fox as the special guest ref

Natalya, notably, got a huge pop. B.A.D. was on the offense the entirety of the match, until Nattie got the hot tag and threw on a sharpshooter onto Naomi. Fox then kicked Nattie in the back of the head to end the match in a no contest. B.A.D. and Fox gave a beatdown on both Natalya and Paige before Sasha Banks came in with the save. She helped even the odds, and put on the Banks Statement on one of them while Paige and Natalya put on sharpshooters in stereo.

Tyler Breeze vs. Dolph Ziggler

This was the match of the night. Breeze came out first with the biggest pop of the night. People went ballistic because hometown boy. Ziggler also got a huge pop, but had a lot more boos. Five minutes into the match, Ziggler realized that the fans were cheering hard for Breeze and started playing heel. He started to show mannerisms of his Show Off character, including more hip shaking and mocking Breeze resting on the turnbuckle. It was a very fast pace finish with Ziggler going for a Sweet Chin Music, blocked by an Unprettier, then countered by a backslide pin, which was then followed by a back and forth of pinning combinations.

People were freaking out at every nearfall, which chants of "This is Awesome" filling the SOEC. Ziggler finally won with a Zig Zag, to a huge applause. At the end of the match, Ziggler helped Breeze's up and was trying to shake his hand. After hesitation, he finally did but then immediately super kicked Ziggler. Breeze got a huge cheer and knocked Ziggler out. The ref came and did the arm raise thing, then on the third arm raise it stayed up. Ziggler spaghetti legged to his feet and walked to the back.


R-Truth vs. Stardust

It started with a flurry of 'CODY' chants. R-Truth would play to this. He got a microphone and was doing a "remix" where half the crowd was saying Wassup, the other one screaming Cody. It was a fine back and forth, Stardust took of a glove and was whipping Truth with it. Truth took it and started whipping back. Truth won after his flatliner maneuver that I cannot remember the name of. For some reason, a fellow hated Stardust. Like, truly despised him. He would come from his seat in the middle of the floor, run up to the rail and throw up double birds. I did not see what happened or what caused it to happen, but he was tackled and forcefully escorted away.

The Wyatts (Harper and Rowan) vs. Kane and Big Show

I will be honest, I haven't been paying complete attention to WWE programming, but Harper was flexing on everyone and everything.After hitting a move, he would flex on Kane or Big Show. Kane was in the ring and getting beatdown most of the match, Show hot tagged in and threw the Wyatts around. it ended with Kane chokeslamming Rowan, and Show chokeslamming Harper. 

WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

People went nuts for Ambrose. It was a fine back and forth match, but I and a quarter of the audience was checked out. There was a little bit of frustration before them because Owens, who was advertised before, was not there. The rumour was that he was bumped for Breeze. Anyway, after an Sister Abigal attempt, Ambrose spun around and hit a double underhook DDT for the win and retained the belt.