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WWE Performance Center experiences COVID-19 outbreak


There was another COVID-19 breakout of sorts at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Details are not known other than it happened on Friday and people who were there, whether they tested positive or negative, were asked to quarantine for two weeks due to contact tracing. 

There have been reports that it includes people scheduled for NXT's Halloween Havoc show Wednesday and that aspects of the show are going to have to be changed.

One source in WWE said nobody that is an NXT television regular has tested positive.

WWE has not responded for comment as of this writing.

As of now, there is still scheduled to be 100 fans at the tapings. Fans were scheduled to be tested for COVID-19 in Winter Park, FL, Tuesday night and if they passed, they would be allowed to attend the tapings which is the normal weekly procedure.

This would be the second outbreak in as many months in NXT, as it was reported last month that there were several positive tests that led to changes in NXT programming.