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WWE Phoenix, AZ, live results: Emma returns to the ring


Submitted by Owen Reynoldson from the Talking Stick Resort Arena

- Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler defeated Tyler Breeze

Breeze was pretty over as a heel. Big back and forth roll-up sequence before a double crossbody that took them both out. Breeze did the Ospreay corner superkick, then went for a big superkick after a ZigZag near fall. Ziggler reversed that into his own superkick for the win. Second best match of the night.

- SmackDown Tag Team Champion Heath Slater & The Hype Bros defeated Aiden English & The Ascension

Slater won the match with his DDT.

- Apollo Crews defeated Curt Hawkins

Crews won a short match with little resistance. Hawkins spent most of the time yelling at the ref. Afterwards, Hawkins asked for another match.

- Kane defeated Curt Hawkins

Kane came out and won in 10 seconds with a chokeslam.

- Baron Corbin defeated Jack Swagger

Corbin undid the bottom turnbuckle to distract the ref, then low blowed Swagger into a roll-up to win

- Randy Orton defeated Bray Wyatt

Orton was the most over of the night so far. Pretty slow match. Orton won after reversing a Sister Abigail into an RKO. He high fived everyone at ringside and played to the crowd after the match.

- Emma, Naomi & Nikki Bella defeated Natalya, Alexa Bliss & Carmella

Bella was so much more over than everyone it was crazy. She pinned Carmella to get the win. Interesting to note Emma was still in her normal evil Emma gimmick, and that she appeared at a SmackDown house show.

- American Alpha defeated The Usos

Alpha wasn't super over but a vocal minority was chanting hard for them. They won after a decently short match. The whole thing was basically a build to a Jordan hot tag and then the match was over. Not a lot to it.

- WWE World Champion AJ Styles defeated John Cena and Dean Ambrose in a triple threat match to retain his title

This was the best match of the night. They had a lot of good reversal spots. Match ended when Styles brought in a chair that he used, then he low blowed Cena for a pin. Styles cut a promo after the match about how he's not done with Cena and was about to attack, but Ambrose stepped in to stop it and hit him with Dirty Deeds. Styles and Cena played tug of war with the title, Cena hit an AA, then he celebrated with the fans to end the show.