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WWE RAW 6-1-15 TV Report: Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt, great John Cena promo

By Jeff Hamlin,

The Big Takeaway:

Roman Reigns will be in the Money in the Bank match after surviving three singles matches set up for him by the authority. The best thing on the show was John Cena's showdown with Kevin Owens, which has to go down as among the best promos of Cena's career.

Show Recap:

Stephanie McMahon, HHH, Seth Rollins, Kane and J&J Security came out with Stephanie saying Rollins is the World Heavyweight Champion and called Dean Ambrose a thief for stealing the World Heavyweight Championship.

HHH ordered Ambrose to come to the ring and return the championship, with everyone careful not to call it a belt or a strap. HHH screamed at Amrbose, but Roman Reigns showed up to a few boos. Reigns said Ambrose wasn't in San Antonio and said that Ambrose wants a rematch at Money in the Bank, and a ladder match at that. Stephanie McMahon said they weren't negotiating. Reigns said they should since Ambrose beat him last night. Reigns mentioned he beat him, Ambrose beat him and Rollins may be the worst WWE Champion of all time.

That set Rollins off, saying Ambrose could have his rematch at Money in the Bank. He said he didn't need the Authority, didn't need a "7-foot piece of crap," didn't need J&J Security to beat Ambrose and stormed off.

Stephanie started to do her monthly dressing down of talent which always helps them get over so much. This time, she started to scold Reigns but HHH calmed her down. HHH said if Reigns lost tonight, he would be out of the Money in the Bank match. HHH said he would choose Reigns opponent.  

Roman Reigns defeated King Barrett to remain in the Money in the Bank match (14:06)

Pretty good stiff match where Reigns ducked King Barrett's Bullhammer Elbow attempt and hit a spear. To do his dirty work, HHH sent in a guy who jobbed to R-Truth last night. Great job. Booker T. called this a "championship match anywhere in the world." Well, maybe the Greensboro house show they had over the weekend where John Cena vs. Kane headlined because of Rusev's injury. 

Reigns ran into HHH and Stephanie backstage. They informed him that Reigns would have another match tonight against Mark Henry that would determine if he would remain in the Money in the Bank match.

Nikki Bella did an interview about being Divas champion for over 5 months when Paige walked up. Paige issued a challenge. Nikki said they should wrestle tonight. They stared at each other forever before they cut to the ring. I'd like to apologize to Sable to ripping her dialogue skills in 1998. She's head and breasts above these divas today.

Ryback came out as the new Intercontiential Champion and thanked the fans in San Antonio for giving him a strong reaction when he returned from injury last October. He was supposed to face the Miz in his first title defense, but the Big Show made his return. The Big Show walked into the ring, knocked out the Miz and told Ryback if anyone was going to beat him for that title, it was going to be him. They had a staredown before Show left. Miz was a complete afterthought here. My brother and I touched on the Jordan-LeBron "best ever" debate last night. In the future, I bet wrestling fans will have a similar debate over which WrestleMania main eventer had a bigger career decline: Bobby Lashley or Miz. 

Kevin Owens came out to a underwhelming reaction. This was his first long scripted interview and it really didn't capture what the fans want a Cena conquerer to be. He talked about beating Cena was the biggest win of his career. When he called home last night, his wife told him how proud he was of him. Then his son asked if Cena was OK. He said his son grew up a Cena fan because of blind worship manipulated by a marketing machine. While Owens traveled the world for over ten years, Cena became his son's hero because he was on Raw every week. Interview got better when Owens ran down Cena as a broken, empty shell of a man. 

Cena came out and put over Owens saying he may have made the most unbelievable debut in history. Cena said before Owens promo, he was going to hand him the U.S. Championship. But Owens wasn't a real man because he couldn't cast his jealously aside. Cena said if his son was so influenced by the WWE marketing machine, he would be wearing an Adam Rose t-shirt, still love the Funkasauras and want to grow up playing in the XFL. Damn, Rose needs to give notice pronto. Cena said the slogans he's uttered matches the way he's lived his life in and out of the ring for over 10 years. He highlighted a girl in the crowd that held up a "I'm beating cancer" sign. She received a strong reaction. 

Cena said the three words that defined Owens is "Never give up." But Cena told Owens to think before he speaks because in two weeks he will have to explain how a great wrestler got beat by a real man. Cena acted like he was going to square off but Owens walked off. Great promo by Cena and this was a good segment overall. 

The New Day with Xavier Woods saying Tim Duncan needs to retire. Kofi Kingston put himself over about how he's going to win the Money in the Bank match.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston (3:14)

Lana came out with Dolph Ziggler and watched from the ramp. Ziggler pinned Kingston when he reversed a schoolboy cradle. Big E. and Woods jumped Ziggler postmatch but the Prime Time Players ran down for the save. 

This led to a six-man match immediately afterwards. 

Prime Time Players and Dolph Ziggler defeated the New Day (5:32)

Titus O'Neal pinned Woods after a pump handle slam. Crowd got into O'Neal's hot tag comeback. Lana just watched on. 

Roman Reigns defeated Mark Henry by countout to retain his spot in the Money in the Bank match (3:45)

Reigns hit a Superman Punch outside the ring. TGhey teased a double countout before Reigns got back in the ring before ten. Afterwards, Henry gave Reigns the World's Strongest Slam. Reigns can't even pin a guy whose career is winding down?  

Of course, HHH and Stephanie met Reigns backstage and told him he would get another match tonight with Bray Wyatt.  

They aired Axelmania and Macho Mandow sipping Sonic Shakes. They were supposed to do the Mega Powers handshake but the shakes were so good they forgot. When they finished the shakes Axelmania did the Hulk Hogan catchphrase. Big Show and New Day also taped spots. 

Nikki Bella defeated Paige to retain the Divas Championship (5:42)

Finish came when Paige delivered a brainbuster off the second rope. Nikki, who looked like she landed on her head, rolled out of the ring, where Brie Bella was hiding under the ring. The twins switched places and Brie, with the referee thinking it was Nikki, small packaged Paige to win. So the Bellas with a heel turn, their latest turn without turning. 

Randy Orton defeated Sheamus by DQ (12:57)

Crowd was mildly interested but they couldn't get anything going and it had a lousy finish. Orton set up for the RKO but Sheamus escaped and hit a flying knee. They wound up outside the ring where Sheamus hit Orton with a chair for the DQ. Sheamus hit two Brogue kicks on Orton and had to be separated by various officials. 

Rusev did an interview on crutches with a blank look on his face. Byron Saxton asked him for his current state of mind. He said he had no career, no woman, no championship. He said he was a broken man and he was the one crushed this time. But he sees what he wants, what he desires and he will get it back. 

They announced the six-man field for Money in the Bank match would include Reigns (if he wins), Ziggler, Kingston, Orton, Sheamus and Neville, with more participants to be added. Seems to hint at the finish of the main event will be designed to add Wyatt somehow. 

Neville defeated Bo Dallas (3:06)

Neville won with the Red Arrow. Crowd was dead when Bo Dallas was on offense. 

Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt to keep his spot in the Money in the Bank match (again) (12:12)

Crowd was tired of Reigns by this point and really just tired period. The Authority watched from the ramp. Reigns is now smiling while he's selling to tease his comeback. This was the best match on the show. Finish came when Reigns hit a Superman's Punch. J&J Security and Kane surrounded the ring. Kane jumped on the apron. Reigns sent Wyatt into Kane then hit a spear to pin Wyatt. 

Postmatch, the Authority tried to jump on Reigns and surrounded him. Then Ambrose's music hit. Rollins tried to meet him on the entrance ramp, but Ambrose showed up on the announcer's table. Ambrose threw the belt to Rollins, who caught it. But Ambrose kicked Rollins in the gut and hit Dirty Deeds, then took the belt back. Reigns gave Joey Mercury a spear and Ambrose clotheslined Jamie Noble over the top rope. Ambrose and Reigns escaped through the crowd. 

SUMMARY: The Reigns storyline was a long way to reach an obvious conclusion. Looking at that Money in the Bank match lineup, it again exposes the lack of depth in the company, so how could Reigns be left out? It's tough to watch a Orton-Sheamus match without thinking of the crowd that crapped on it in 2012 in Brooklyn. Tonight's wasn't much better. It still feels like Ambrose is more over than Reigns, but he's not the chosen one.