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WWE Raw 9/21 Results: Kane returns....again in the fallout from Night of Champions

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by Jeff Hamlin,  

The Big Takeaway: Kane made his return. Well, there are now two Kanes. There's the Corporate Kane, who acts like Joseph Park. And then there's the Demon Kane, who showed up at the end of the show. Add in the fact that the Big Show went over on this program, it seemed tonight was a salute to 1997. Which is fiiting, because this show could have the lowest ratings of any Raw show since that year. It was a boring show. 

Show Recap: 

The Wyatt Family started the show. Bray Wyatt said he tried to warn Roman Reigns, but he wouldn't listen. Wyatt said he reached up to Mt. Olympus and grabbed the Golden Idol and brought him to his knees.

Reigns interrupted him and said he wanted to finish things one-on-one with Wyatt tonight. Wyatt declined. Regins accused him of being scared and said he wanted to fight Wyatt. It led to Wyatt whipsering something to Luke Harper and Braun Strowman, they left the ring and Wyatt agreed to fight.  

Regins and Wyatt fought for a bit before Harper and Strowman ran in. Strowman gave Regins soemthing resembling a chokeslam, except Regins landed face first. Dean Ambrose ran out and hit Strowman with a tope. Eventually, the heels overpowered Ambrose. Crowd chanted for Chris Jericho. Instead, Randy Orton came out and cleaned house, including dropping Harper with a back suplex on the announcer's table. It ended with Orton and Ambrose hitting dropkicks on Strowman, who budged but didn't go down. Finally Regins knocked Strowman out of the ring with a Superman's Punch. 

Seth Rollins walked into HHH and Stephanie McMahon's office and found Director of Operations Kane waiting for him. Rollins didn't know how to react and asked him why Kane tombstoned him last night. Kane acted like he had no idea what he was talking about.So Kane was doing the Joseph Park/Abyss gimmick from TNA in 2013, where Director of Operations Kane was a separate person from his wrestling alter ego. In fact, DIO Kane was downright chipper, saying he had healed from the broken angle that Rollins had laid onto him. Kane said he arranged for Rollins to face John Cena tonight in a rematch for the U.S. Championship. Rollins had no idea how to react and left quickly. 

The announcers have already assigned different names to Kane's various personas: Corporate Kane and Demonic Kane. I thought Alvarez's Libertarian Kane was pretty good, myself. 

Lucha Dragons and Neville defeated The Ascension and Stardust (10:31)

Clumsy match in spots as Konnor and Kalisto has problems working together. Kalisto pinned Viktor with Salida del Sol. Sin Cara slipped attempting a springboard dropkick on Konnor.  Later, Cara did a top on Viktor and appeared to hit his head across the announcer's table. 

Rollins found the Authority backstage and couldn't believe that HHH and Stephanie would reinstate Kane as Director of Operations. He said he was in no shape to wrestle Cena tonight after wrestling twice last night. HHH and Stephanie told him not to worry about Kane and just focus on Cena.  

Ryback defeated Bo Dallas (3:36) 

Ryback won with the Shellshock. Kevin Owens was on commentary and ran in after the match. Ryback gave him a Meat Hook clothesline and tried to give him the Shellshock, but Owens got away. Ryback was more aggressive in the match after losing the Intercontiental Championship last night. 

Ric Flair came out to introduce Charlotte as the new Divas Champion. Fans started chanting "Thank you, Ric." He said the proudest moment of his entire life wasn't his first world championship or his retirement match with Shawn Michaels, it was watching his little girl win the Divas Championship. Charlotte, Paige and Becky Lynch came out. 

Charlotte got emotional talking to her father saying she was as proud of him as he was of her. Charlotte thanked Lynch for always reminding her to never take life too seriously. Charlotte turned to Paige and said she followed in Paige's footsteps and they started in NXT together. 

Paige took the microphone away and turned heel. She said Charlotte was just a placeholder for the championship and nothing about the Divas division has changed. She said the whole celebration was patronizing and reminded Charlotte that she won the championship on her first day. Paige said Lynch was the least relevant of all of them. She said Lana and Summer Rae were too busy trying to climb over top of each other instead of wrestling. Paige said she didn't even know where Nattie was because she was too busy taking care of her husband. Paige also said we all knew the real reason why the Bella Twins got to where they are, and said Charlotte wouldn't be where she is without her old man. Paige said "Whooo" and walked off. This was supposed to be a heel turn for Paige, but she got mostly cheers. 

Nikki Bella, Brie Bela and Alicia Fox followed that up by coming out. Nikki mainly no sold losing the title and said Brie was going to take the title from Charlotte tonight.  

Charlotte (C) defeated Brie Bella via submission to retain the Divas Championship (6:22) 

Charlotte won with the Figure Eight. Brie spent most of the match on offense, which led to a sloppy match. Brie mainly worked on Charlotte's left leg, continuing the storyline from last night where Nikki did the same thing. 

Sheamus defeated Mark Henry (2:23)

Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick that missed so badly, even the announcers admitted it. So they redid the spot for the finish. It was Henry's turn to job in his home state. Sheamus did a promo saying it was only a matter of time before he become world champion. 

Stephanie and HHH met with Kane, who just took a sip out of his "World's Greatest Director of Operations" mug. HHH was curious about Kane showing up last night. Kane again acted like he was oblivious to giving Rollins a tombstone. Stephanie spoke up and said there was no need for Kane to insult out intelligence and play mind games with them. Kane said he would never do that and he wanted to do what's best for business. Stephanie asked for Kane to give it back and extended her hand. Kane gave her five. Stephanie said she wanted his mask back. Kane noticed that the mask was gone from its case, and said if Stephanie had stolen it, they would have a very big problem. Kane turned deadly serious for a minute, but then got his smiley face back and said he would make sure he would do his job for what's best for business. 

Paige found Nattie backstage. Nattie said what Paige said earlier to Charlotte was unprofessional. Nattie said there have been times where she has felt left behind in the Divas division, but she did something about it.  She told Paige that the only person who was standing in Paige's way was Paige. Nattie said she was wrestling Naomi later.  

The New Day came out. The crowd really didn't respond to them and gave them more of a heel reaction. Xavier Woods sold being put through a table last night by the Dudley Boyz, held up a piece of table and claimed it had to be removed from his buttocks last night. Big E. did a promo saying they had to build a wall around Dudleyville to protect their citizens, their families and their furniture. It was an attempt to get Donald Trump heat, but it didn't work.

The New Day and Rusev defeated The Dudley Boyz and Dolph Ziggler (14:10)

Rusev pinned Dolph Ziggler after a Thurst Kick after Ziggler gave Woods a Superkick once he got on the apron with the trombone. Pretty good match. Ziggler gave Rusev Wazzup with the Dudleys holding each of Rusev's legs. Midway through the match, Woods began playing Rusev's theme song on his trombone as Dolph Ziggler got the heat. When Kofi Kingston hit a dropkick, Woods started screaming about how Kingston had an 8-foot vertical leap. Crowd didn't react to very much.

Naomi defeated Natalya (3:45) 

Naomi won with the Rear End after Tamina and Sasha Banks jumped up on the apron. Not much of a match and the crowd has been dead for the past hour. 

Rollins walked into the Authority's office wanting to know what the plan is tonight. Stephanie said Kane everything out of his system that he needed to last night. Rollins couldn't believe it and said HHH knew what Kane was capable of. HHH lashed out and Rollins and told him to focus on Cena. Rollins reluctatnly agreed, again teasing the inevitable HHH-Rollins match somewhere down the line. 

The Big Show defeate Cesaro (6:16)  

After Cesaro hit a vertical suplex on The Big Show into the ring, Show got up first and hit the knockout punch for the clean pin. Great booking for the long-term future there.

Postmatch, Show cut a promo on Brock Lesnar. They'll be wrestling on a Network Special at Madison Square Garden on October 2nd. He reminded Lesnar that he pinned him at the 2002 Royal Rumble. It was a good promo.  

The Wyatt Family did a promo running down Orton. Wyatt told Orton they all fall down, and Orton would, as well. Strowman said he once captured a snake with his bare hands and drank its blood, and claimed the snake is in a better place now. 

John Cena (C) defeated Seth Rollins to retain the U.S. Championship (15:34)

Not only the best match on the show, but the only match tonight that would exceed 3 stars. Rollins hit a Frog Splash, but Cena powered out of the cover attempt and hit an AA for the pin. Spots included Rollins using Cena's STF, and Cena also grabbing the STF but Rollins got the ropes. Rollins didn't do any knees to the face, to no surprise. 

Postmatch, Corporate Kane appeared on the big screen and told Rollins part of his job was to make sure Rollins could be the best champion he could be. He said many people were coming after Rollins' championship. Then the background turned fiery red, and Kane said in a deep, brooding voice "including some he could never imagine." 

Kane's fire pyro went off. Then the demonic Kane burst through the mat and dragged Rollins under the ring. Rollins disappeared through the hole, and steam shot out from the bottom. 

SUMMARY: So in an effort to make Kane interesting for the next PPV cycle, they ripoff a TNA storyline. That says it all.