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WWE Raw and SmackDown get new logos


Following last Tuesday’s WWE Draft, the brand-extension promises to bring new beginnings for many in WWE.

And it will be a new beginning cosmetically too as new logos were revealed for both Raw and the newly revamped SmackDown Live on Friday afternoon.

The logos were unveiled by the general managers of each brand with Mick Foley tweeting the Raw logo and Daniel Bryan doing the same for SmackDown.

Bryan vowed to compete with Raw in every possible way on last Monday’s edition of Raw, and that competition kicked off this week with SmackDown besting Raw in the ratings

The real competition will begin next week with SmackDown not being afford the luxury of having one of the most hyped WWE shows in years. And if there are to be any other cosmetic or production changes to further differentiate the brands, that will likely happen next week as well.

The new logo for Raw:

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And the new logo for SmackDown:

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