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WWE Raw announcer Adnan Virk has now met Vince McMahon


Image: WWE

New WWE Raw commentator Adnan Virk has now met Vince McMahon.

During an appearance on Sportsnet 960's Boomer In The Morning after making his WWE commentary debut, Virk said he had yet to meet the WWE chairman. But on this week's edition of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, Virk revealed that he met McMahon after his second show on the job this Monday.

"I met him after the second show and he was great," Virk told host Jimmy Traina. "He was really supportive. He gave good feedback."

Traina then asked Virk if McMahon is in his headset during Raw. 

"I would say he's giving real-time feedback. I definitely know what he's feeling," Virk said. "It's interesting -- when you're there, as a lifelong fan, there's so much that goes through your mind when you see Vince McMahon. Obviously, you think of him [and] what he's done on the air. But then off the air, I was telling my friends, this is like one of the great American success stories ever. If you think back like how he bet on himself the first WrestleMania. The fact what this has grown into -- this is a global entity. It's kind of remarkable. As I was talking to him, it's tough not to just think about all that he's accomplished. It's amazing."

Virk made his WWE commentary debut on the Raw after WrestleMania 37. Virk is the new lead play-by-play voice of Raw, with Corey Graves and Byron Saxton calling the show with him.

Virk, a sportscaster who also works for the MLB Network, NHL Network, and DAZN, auditioned for WWE this February and was later hired for the job. A handful of other broadcasters were also interviewed.

WWE president and chief revenue officer Nick Khan is Virk's former agent.