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WWE Raw Denver off-air notes, Superstars results and dark matches

Nia Jax

Submitted by reader Janice Bates from Denver, CO

WWE Superstars --

- Nia Jax beat Alicia Fox

- Darren Young def. Jinder Mahal

Off Air Raw Notes --

- They had the entire 3rd level of the arena closed off.

- Besides Goldberg, biggest pops were for Enzo & Cass, New Day, Sami, Rollins and Jeri-KO. Roman Reigns got mostly boos.

- One of the local guys in the Braun Strowman match cut his head pretty bad on the turnbuckle spot and was helped to the back with a towel on his head.

Dark Matches --

- US Champion Roman Reigns def. Rusev (w/Lana) to retain
- Seth Rollins def. WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens by DQ

By this time, the crowd was coming down from seeing Goldberg, so they weren’t as hot for these matches as they could’ve been. 


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