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WWE RAW live results: Gallows & Anderson debut against The Usos


Despite practically being in the company's backyard, tonight's Raw will be the first one to originate from Hartford in nearly two years. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows will debut against the Usos. Shane McMahon will likely make another appearance, though whether he "runs the show" tonight as acting GM remains to be seen.

The WWE website is also promoting Dean Ambrose trying to get revenge on Chris Jericho after the main event of last week's show, where Jericho gave Ambrose a Codebreaker after his win over Kevin Owens. Also, the finals of the tag team tournament to determine the new #1 contenders for the WWE Tag Team titles between Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady vs. The Vaudevillains, with the winners getting the New Day, most likely at Payback. 

Our coverage beings at 8 ET. Please join us. 

The Big Takeaway:

For the first time since WrestleMania, Stephanie McMahon appeared to announce to Shane McMahon that this Sunday, her father would decide between Shane or the Authority who would get to control Raw again. It was the only segment of the show with Stephanie. No HHH tonight. Once again, the program benefitted without the Authority's ubiquitous presence. Very good build to the main event of Roman Reigns vs. A.J. Styles with the underlying theme of whether Styles was in cahoots with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. In fact, Anderson and Gallows were put over strong in their Raw debut, winning cleanly over the Usos. Plus, there was a package building up Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn, which was one of the best pieces building up a WWE undercard program in ages.

Show Recap:

There was a graphic dedicating the show to Chyna. There was no ceremony where the entire roster came out for a 10-bell salute or anything of that nature.

Shane McMahon started the show again, but before long Stephanie McMahon walked out for the first time since WrestleMania. She wanted a hug, but Shane wasn't willing. Stephanie said the fans were from Hartford and sick of the same politicians smiling fake smiles and telling them what they want to hear. Stephanie mentioned being born in Hartford so she was one of them. She talked about being on the phone with politicians who wanted to honor her, "Harford's favorite daughter," potentially honoring her with a statue.

Stephanie got down to business and said tonight was the last night where Shane would run Raw. This Sunday, at Payback, Vince McMahon would decide once and for all (or until the next ratings slide) who runs Raw. Shane asked the fans who they wanted to see run Raw, and naturally Shane got all the cheers. Stephanie said Vince was smart enough to never put the decison making in the fans' hands. Wasn't she just complimenting them earlier? Very nicely, Shane asked Stephanie to leave the ring. Stephanie grasped on to the ropes, so Shane said since she wouldn't leave, he brought down security. Three guards came out to "Yes" chants and Shane told Stephanie to "leave our ring." Shane motioned to the fans. Stephanie left, getting in Shane's face before doing so.

It was hilarious watching Stephanie leave. Guards acted like they were trying to escort Brock Lesnar out, right down to Stephanie telling one of the guards not to touch her. When one of them did, Stephanie slapped him and actually kicked him down. He had to sell it like he had been punched by Jon Jones. Two other guards hauled Stephanie off.

Shane turned his attention to tonight's show and introduced A.J. Styles, who got easily his softest Raw reaction since debuting.

A.J. Styles defeated Sheamus (14:23)

Physical match. One thing Styles does very well is wrestle to the strengths of his opponent to make them look good, as well as himself. Sheamus dodged a quebrada and threw Styles into the ring steps. Sheamus clamped on the Irish Cloverleaf, but Styles made the ropes. Sheamus missed a Brogue Kick against the ropes, and Styles hit the Phenomenal Forearm for the pin.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, wearing matching white robes, came out to applaud Styles postmatch. Styles looked confused. For some reason, with that look, Gallows and Anderson reminded me of WCW jobber tag team extraordinaires Disorderly Conduct.

Roman Reigns watched this backstage and got his usual standing boo ovation from the fans. The Usos joined him, and they were all unanimous in thinking Styles, Anderson and Gallows were working together. The Usos told Reigns they had his back. Evidently, this wasn't miced up very well in the building because the fans chanted "We can't hear you."

The New Day came out and put over the tag team tournament, sponsored by Booty-Os. Xavier Woods said the tag team that wins the tournament would party like it's "1999" in a Prince tribute.

The Vaudevillains came out and said they would win the tournament. Aiden English sang "WWE World Tag Team Championships" like he was trying out for a barbershop quartet. English said they would party like it's 1869. Simon Gotch said they would defeat Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady, who came out to a huge reaction. Amore said he wanted to run down a beach into his own arms, but that's impossible. Cass looked at him weird after that, then did his "Sawft" catchphrase.

Big E. got the fans to chant "New Day rocks" while Enzo and Cass and the Vaudevillains glared at each other.

Anderson and Gallows were shown leaving Styles dressing room as more supposed evidence that he was working for A.J.

John Cena's tweets about returning to Raw on Memorial Day weekend were shown.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows defeated the Usos (12:50)

Anderson pinned Jimmy Uso after a Magic Killer. Match was designed to get Gallows and Anderson over as strong heels because they were on offense most of the way in a longer match. The Reigns backlash is starting to rub off on the Usos, who got an "Usos suck" chant from a minority of the crowd. Anderson used the Divorce Court on Jey Uso's injured left shoulder. Later, Gallows pushed Jey off the top rope into the barricade shoulder first. Jimmy Uso got the hot tag shortly after a commercial and caught Gallows with a tope.

Anderson and Gallows continued to beat on the Usos until Reigns came out. At least there were a few audible cheers which were quickly drowned out by the boobirds. Reigns cleaned house in short order to save his cousins, including an awesome clothesline on Anderson.

Styles did an interview with Renee Young that was interrupted by Anderson and Gallows. Styles wanted to know why Anderson and Gallows couldn't stay out of trouble. Anderson said they knew Styles could win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by himself, but they always had his back. Gallows said their friendship would be forever. They shook hands.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens program continues with a video package that was very good. Owens said they met at a wrestling show, they traveled together. There were photographs of them posing together as teenage friends at various landmarks. Zayn said they attended each other's weddings and he was at the hospital when Owens' son was born. They showed the angle from NXT when Zayn won the NXT Championship, but Owens laid him out. Owens said it hurt him to achieve his goal first. Zayn said Owens told them they were like brothers, but shouldn't Owens be happy for him if they were like brothers? Owens talked about beating up Cena on his first night in the company, winning the Intercontinental Championship and winning at WrestleMania. Zayn said when he was out with an injured shoulder, he felt like Owens took his spot on Raw, which stung. Zayn said he enjoyed throwing Owens out at the Royal Rumble. Owens said Zayn was the one making the issue between them personal. This was a tremendous hype piece detailing the history of the two men. In particular, Owens did these Bret Hart-style subtle heel statements, such as proclaiming himself the victim.

Sami Zayn defeated Rusev (11:56)

Rusev hit Zayn with a nice superkick and teased the Accolade, but Zayn kicked Rusev to the ropes and pinned him after a schoolboy cradle. That's the best they could do to put over Zayn? Lana, who was back accompanying Rusev, screamed at Zayn and threw her shoes at him. That was weird. Shouldn't she have attacked him with the shoes? Whole match was odd considering Rusev is yesterday's news as a single, Zayn is the one in a program, yet Rusev controlled most of the way.

Owens ran out and hit Zayn from behind in the postmatch for the heel heat, which was the best reaction of the match. Crowd has been dead tonight.

Apollo Crews did an interview with Young. Stardust walked in. Apollo talked about how great it was to work with Stardust's father, Dusty Rhodes. Stardust did an impression of Dusty, who said not even Dusty could make Crews a star. Crews needs to watch Connor McGregor interviews as a lesson on how to draw money, because this current track is going to leave him on a one-way path to Superstars.

Apollo Crews defeated Stardust (3:07)

Crews won with the Screwdriver Power Bomb. He did a standing moonsault, but there's something lacking with Crews.

Ambrose came out to run down Jericho and said he didn't want to host an edition of the Ambrose Asylum because he was not in the mood for fun and games. Ambrose cut a good promo about how he punches people in the face and gets punched beccause what he does for a living isn't pretty. He called out Jericho, who came out with his magic scarf.

Jericho called Ambrose a disrespectful, stupid idiot and did some old school heel stuff. He reiterated that he was the best in the world at what he does, he wins matches, he makes history, he commands respect from every man he steps in the ring with. Jericho ordered Ambrose to kiss his $1500 boots. Apparently, Jericho went to the same cobbler as Tully Blanchard in 1985. Then he demanded that Ambrose apologize to him for taking the Highlight Reel away from him or else he would be sorry.

Ambrose said he was sorry that he paid so much money for those ugly ass shoes. He was sorry Jericho was walking around with a scarf with a Bon Jovi haircut and was sorry he would have to beat Jericho at Payback. But he wasn't sorry for this and he jumped Jericho. Ambrose threw Jericho out of the ring and started clearing the announce table. Then Jericho tripped Ambrose on the table. Ambrose fell face first. Jericho then put Ambrose in the Walls of Jericho on the announcer's table. This reminded me of Paige putting various women in the PTO on the table during her brief heel run last fall. Jericho is one talented man. These fans were ready to cheer him, but he got some heat from a lethargic crowd after a simple angle.

Natalya defeated Emma via submission (2:12)

Natalya won via sharpshooter. Charlotte and Ric Flair were at ringside. Emma does a 2:00 submission job as she's in the starting blocks as a heel? Aren't there a half dozen other women who could have been flown in for this match?

There was a video package paying tribute to Chyna. It featured tweets from Trish Stratus, Lita, Shawn Michaels, HHH, Stephanie McMahon, Steve Austin, Charlotte, Natalya, Shane, and the Rock. Highlights included her victory over Jeff Jarrett to win the Intercontinental Championship in the six-figure payoff match, as well as her entering the 1999 Royal Rumble, where she actually threw out Mark Henry. And a month later, Henry was in bed with Mae Young. Sweet Christ, did this company try to get Henry to quit.  The Monday Night Wars led to the most unique careers in the history of this business. Goldberg is probably tops on that list. Debut in 1997, world champion nine months later, 15 months undefeated, out of the business by 2005. Chyna is the female equivalent. There are few who fell victim to the harsh reality that invades pro wrestling's fantasy world harder than her, as well.

Damien Sandow vs. Baron Corbin never got going as Dolph Ziggler attacked Corbin during his ring entrance. It looked like Ziggler wanted to give Corbin a famouseron the floor, but Corbin avoided it and simply ran off. Crowd seemed happy to see Sandow again, although he only got a cameo. He didn't get a ring entrance, however.

Another vignette from the Colons. This week they picked up women from a Puerto Rican nightclub and enjoyed fine drinks. Heat magnets.

The Miz and Maryse came out. Miz ran down fans who thought he would lose to Cesaro this Sunday at Payback. He kissed Maryse and said the Intercontinental Championship was more than a title, it was legendary. The greatest competitors have held this championship and Cesaro never has. He called fans who held up "Cesaro Section" signs as mindless wonderers who tried to empower themselves by talking with other internet trolls. He pointed to Maryse and said this is what the Miz section looks like.

Cesaro came out with his James Bond entrance again and said fans were too educated to start cheering for the Miz. This led to Miz to do his Travis Bickle impression from Taxi Driver. He said "You talkin to me?" Cesaro said the only movie the Miz belonged in was "Jackass." Wonder if that was some shade thrown at Shane since he was the one who brought in Johnny Knoxville and Shane O. for an ill-fated Raw angle in 2007 which was supposed to lead up to SummerSlam. Knoxville and Steve laughed while getting pounded by Umaga, which led to the entire idea being scrapped. The two men exchanged Clint Eastwood catchphrases before Miz decided to leave instead of squaring off. Then Miz tried to jump Cesaro, who caught him with a hoisting uppercut. Michael Cole, clearly brushed up on his Eastwood knowledge, called that "Sudden Impact," the movie which spawned the line "Go ahead, make my day." Maryse covered up Miz from any further damage. Good segment.

Reigns and Styles had a staredown backstage. Styles turned his cap backwards and said he was going to take his title. Reigns muttered something about Anderson and Gallows to Styles.

Roman Reigns (C) defeated Alberto Del Rio in a nontitle match (12:58)

The whole idea of the League of Nations appears to have been dropped as it was never mentioned when Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus or Rusev were in action tonight. Instead of an angle to split them up, they've just quietly disbanded. Until they get back together again out of nowhere. Sort of like the Filet o' Fish. You think it's gone for good from the McDonald's menu, then it randomly pops up again. It's the Sarah Palin of food.

Anyway, Del Rio went for the armbar, triggering a Reigns comeback. Reigns actually got some "Let's go Roman" chants. This may have been his best Raw reception of the year, and it still sounded like he was booed by 70% of the fans. He hit a Drive-By kick that sent Del Rio into the post. Del Rio came back with a superkick while Reigns' was kneeling. Del Rio missed the Tree of Woe kick when Roman laid down, and Reigns hit the Superman's Punch. Then Disorderly Conduct, er, Anderson and Gallows came out. A distracted Reigns almost got pinned with a schoolboy cradle by Del Rio, but Reigns kicked out, hit the spear and pinned Del Rio.

Anderson and Gallows immediately jumped Reigns. Styles ran down and ordered them to back off. Anderson and Gallows left, but Reigns hit Styles with a Superman's punch. Reigns hit Gallows with a Superman's Punch, but Styles hit Reigns with a Phenomenal Forearm. Anderson and Gallows smiled like Styles were in collusion, but Styles and Regins sold the punches they laid on each other. Pretty good pop for Styles nailing Reigns.


Another in a line of shows that have been very good. The storyline with Styles, Reigns, Anderson and Gallows have made sense and have built very well. All the matches on this show were solid, aside from the squashes. Above all, most of the shows since WrestleMania have been fun, particularly this one. The build for Owens-Zayn was excellent tonight, and Jericho's angle with Ambrose was very good, to boot.