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WWE Raw live results: Paul Heyman returns


The Big Takeaway: For the first time in12 years, Goldberg will return to Raw next week to answer a challenge laid out by Paul Heyman for a fight against Brock Lesnar. As for tonight's show, Chris Jericho had a chance to earn a spot in the Hell in a Cell main event with Kevin Owens defending against Seth Rollins. But Rollins defeated Jericho. They're teasing dissension between Jericho and Owens, as once again Owens didn't save Jericho when Rollins gave him a Pedigree.

There will be three Hell in a Cell matches at HIAC: Roman Reigns vs. Rusev for the U.S. Championship and the first-ever women's Hell in a Cell match with Sasha Banks defending the Raw Women's Championship against Charlotte. 

Show Recap: 

Sasha Banks started the show. She said it wasn't long ago she would be sitting in the cheap seats in a building or watching TV with her mom as her hero Eddy Guerrero (who she wished a Happy Birthday) lie, cheat and steal all the way to the top. She said she wanted to be like that, and watch Lita and Trish Stratus tear the house down night after night. Her dream came true at the end of Monday Night Raw when she defeated Charlotte and became a 2-time Raw Women's Champion. Banks said she wanted to face Charlotte inside a Hell in a Cell for the Raw Women's Championship. 

Charlotte came out, but then Rusev and Lana followed right behind her. Charlotte looked unhappy about their presence. Rusev said no one cares about the women's revolution and nobody cared that they main evented Raw last week. Charlotte grabbed the microphone from Rusev and said no one disrespects the Queen. Charlotte accepted Banks' challenge. 

Rusev took the microphone back and said this was his ring and whatever he says goes. This time, Banks knocked the microphone out of Rusev's hands. Lana said Banks and Charlotte want to be seen as women, but they act like little girls. She started to say that Hell in a Cell was only for men, but Charlotte and Banks (in a moment of partnership) did stereo dropkicks to knock Rusev and Lana out of the ring. Roman Reigns came out to confront Rusev, who bailed after Lana's urging.  

Michael Cole billed Goldberg's appearance on SportsCenter and announced that Paul Heyman would address Goldberg later tonight. 

The New Day were up next. Xavier Woods said the Bay Area was home of the some of the best pairs in sports and entertainment. Kofi Kingston brought up Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire. Big E. mentioned Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Kingston brought up a Full House reference. Big E. said Cesaro was slick, handsome and slick AF. Kingston, on the other hand, said Sheamus was (he wanted for a stage hand to bring him a sign) was hot garbage. Woods said Mick Foley has granted them an opportunity as their WWE World Tag Team Championships at Hell in a Cell. 

Kofi Kingston defeated Cesaro (7:44) 

Sheamus was at ringside, but he was on Facebook Live with his back turned to the ring, complete with #NotWatchingCesaro. Kingston tried a springboard move, but he slipped bouncing on the top rope. It was a takeoff of the 1994 Super J Cup match between Great Sasuke and Jushin Liger. Except since it's Raw, we got a distraction finish. Sheamus grabbed Woods trombone, just as Cesaro went for the Cesaro Swing. Big E. pushed Sheamus down. Cesaro was distracted by all of this, and Kingston got a small package for the pin on Cesaro. Sheamus and Cesaro argued some more. 

Later tonight, Reigns and Banks will team to face Charlotte and Rusev. 

Goldberg's appearance on SportsCenter was replayed. Jonathan Coachman asked Goldberg who he would want to face if he returned to the ring. He gave a mixed response about facing Brock Lesnar again. He put over Lesnar as someone who was like a cyborg (funny to hear since that was Goldberg's nickname during his forgettable heel run in WCW), but he's already beaten Lesnar once. 

Bayley defeated Cami Fields (2:21)

Bayley got a big hometown reaction. She pinned Cami Fields after a Bayley-to-Belly suplex in a match that was sloppy. Dana Brooke ran out and blindsided Bayley post-match as Bayley was celebrating. The story was Bayley left Brooke laying  before Banks' victory over Charlotte last week and this was Bayley's receipt.  

Chris Jericho talked on a phone backstage with his agent. This was a produce placement segment as Jericho told his agent to get him that payday. R-Truth showed up with a PayDay candy bar. 

Lince Dorado & Sin Cara defeated Drew Gulak & Tony Nese (3:14) 

Lince Dorado pinned Drew Gulak with a Shooting Star Press. Sin Cara announced on the Raw pregame show that he's now a member of the Cruiserweight Division and Lince Dorado was his tag team partner. I guess Sin Cara really didn't want Kalisto as his partner anymore since the given reason for their breakup before the draft was because Cara wanted a singles career. Gulak did the Gori Especial on Dorado. 

Foley was backstage ready to make his announcement for the Hell in a Cell main event. Stephanie McMahon asked to join him in the ring, and he complied. 

Foley and McMahon were in the ring. Foley wore an checkerboard suit with a matching blazer and pants. Stephanie was a babyface tonight. Foley acknowledged Banks' request to face Charlotte in a Hell in a Cell match, which would be the first female Hell in a Cell match. Foley said the women don't get things because they ask, they get things because they deserve it. So Foley officially announced Banks vs. Charlotte for Hell in a Cell. Foley shifted his attention to Seth Rollins, and said his match against Kevin Owens would be inside a Hell in a Cell, also. 

Owens and Jericho came out. Owens said that was the stupidest decision Foley has made yet because he doesn't want to be in a Hell in a Cell match. He wants to have a long career and not wind up a washed up General Manager like Foley.

Jericho said Foley was just granted requests like a Genie in a stupid suit. Jericho said he wants a private jet with "Team Kevin and Chris" written on the side of it. Jericho claimed Foley has a vendetta against him and now he's taking it out on his best friend. Jericho said Hell in a Cell was the match that ended Foley's career. So Jericho put Foley on his list to a big pop. 

Foley reminded Jericho he was already on the list and,in fact, he started the list. Jericho asked Stephanie to take care of Foley. Stephanie ordered Jericho to show Foley some respect. She didn't care what list she made. He wrote her name down anyway. Stephanie proposed a Jericho vs. Rollins match, and if Jericho wins, he will be in the Hell in a Cell match in a three-way. She said that would make everyone happy, but Owens didn't look happy. 

Rollins, watching from backstage, said if Stephanie's idea is to turn Hell in a Cell into a Table for 3, then he was going to ruin her plans. Rollins said Stephanie can't manipulate him any more than she can manipulate Owens. Rollins said Owens had to be wondering what would happen if Jericho got into the Hell in a Cell match, would Jericho still be his friend? Rollins said he was no longer a cog in Stephanie's machine, so he would destroy the machine piece by piece. 

Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel are back as a tag team. Axel's new theme music sounds like a variation of Mr. Perfect's famed song. They were supposed to face Enzo Amore and Big Cass. 

Enzo Amore now has a handheld microphone shaped like Mr. Kennedy's old mic. During Enzo's promo, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows showed up and jumped Enzo and Cass. Gallows gave Enzo the Boot of Doom. They gave Cass the Magic Killer. Anderson and Gallows' new gimmick is the games are over and their attempts at comedy have ended. 

After a commercial, Axel said he and Dallas weren't leaving until they had a match because he wanted to prove to Dallas he still believes in him. Sami Zayn came out with the crowd singing his theme song like they were in Brooklyn. Neville joined him as his tag partner. 

Sami Zayn & Neville defeated Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel (2:22) 

Zayn gave Axel the Helluva Kick and Neville got the pin with the Red Arrow. Dallas walked out wearing a scowl without checking on Axel. 

Lana talked with Charlotte backstage. Lana said she had no right to put her hands on her earlier. Lana said she wasn't the jealous type, but Charlotte is only Rusev's partner for tonight, while she was his partner for life. She warned Charlotte to stay out of Rusev's way or else there would be consequences. 

The background of the match was Titus O"Neal was supposed to be the ad man for PayDay candy bars, but Truth snuck in and stole it from him. Somehow the Shooting Stars were involved in the pregame show skit that set this all up. O'Neal's new gimmick is trying to set up the "Titus Brand." 

R-Truth defeated Titus O'Neal (2:06)  

Another distraction finish. O'Neal walked around the ring giving Truth backbreakers. Goldust got on the ring steps to lead cheers for Truth. Somehow

T.J. Perkins talked with Brian Kendrick backstage. He had a civil discussion with Kendrick about how he knew Kendrick wasn't a bad guy. When Perkins was too young to drive, Kendrick was the one who picked him up. Perkins said when his N64 broke, Kendrick loaned him his. Perkins said it wasn't too late for him to become THE Brian Kendrick again. They shook hands. Then Kendrick rose up to give Perkins a cheap shot, but Perkins was too quick and Kendrick wound up flat up his back. Perkins said "I guess I was wrong." 

Braun Strowman defeated Steven & Clay Splash in a handicap match (:57) 

Clay Splash had a red afro. Obviously, the gimmicked name was a takeoff from the Golden State Warriors. Braun Strowman did a dropkick on both men and finished with a Reverse Chokeslam on Clay Splash onto Steven Splash. Strowman cut a promo on Foley saying he didn't care if he sent out 20 guys, he would destroy them all. He warned Foley to give him some real competition or else what would happen would be on his head. 

Banks and Reigns talked backstage about their tag match. It filled 30 seconds. 

They ran a promo piece for the Royal Rumble officially announcing San Antonio as the host for the 30th anniversary of the Royal Rumble. This rumble would take place on the 20th anniversary of Steve Austin's first Royal Rumble victory at the Alamodome, which was also the show where Shawn Michaels defeated Psycho Sid to win the WWE Championship. 

Sasha Banks & Roman Reigns defeated Rusev & Charlotte via submission (9:43) 

Reigns got booed as usual. When he was in, the fans chanted for Banks. He got most of the offense through the first four minutes and set up for the Superman Punch. Charlotte grabbed his leg to stop him, but Banks decked Charlotte. After a commercial, Reigns hit the Superman's Punch, but Charlotte tagged Rusev, which automatically brought in Banks. Charlotte went for a schoolgirl cradle, but Banks reversed it into the Bank Statement. Reigns speared Rusev as Charlotte tapped out.  

Owens and Jericho talked backstage when Tom Phillips walked up to ask about Jericho potentially being in the Hell in a Cell main event. Owens said regardless of whether Jericho was in the match, he was walking out as champion. Jericho piped in that if one of them is the Universal Champion, then they're both the Universal Champion. Owens didn't appear to agree with that.

Phillips asked about why Owens didn't come to the aid of Jericho last week when he was attacked by Rollins. Owens said that sometimes sacrifices have to be made, then ordered Phillips to leave. When Phillips didn't leave quick enough, Jericho added him to the list. Phillips noticed Jericho wrote his name down as "Felipe Moranti" and said Jericho wasn't even close to being correct. 

Paul Heyman was in the ring to deliver the promo regarding Goldberg. The preview for WWE2K17 showed Lesnar tossing around Goldberg. Heyman said for 12 years, everyone has asked the same question, "What if there's just one more spear? What if there's one more Jackhammer? What if, even for one night, we could experience Goldberg?" Every time a stud debuted, you hear that name chanted "Goldberg." Fans started chanting, much to Heyman's chagrin.

Heyman talked about how every person who faced Goldberg was beaten, was victimized was conquered. And you say to yourself that Goldberg's career ran parallel to Lesnar. What keeps Lesnar up at night is that Goldberg is 1-0 against Lesnar. 

Which led Heyman to say Goldberg has been challenged to a fight by Lesnar: Beast vs. Myth. Lesnar vs. Goldberg. Heyman said Goldberg can listen to the audience or he can step in the ring and be beaten, victimized and conquered by Lesnar  because in Suplex City, you aren't Goldberg, you're next. 

A montage of Emmalina with various photos of her in various bikini shots aired. 

WWE Cruiserweight Champion T.J. Perkins defeated Ariya Daivari via submission (5:14)

Good match where Ariya Daivari hit a Rolling Elbow for a near fall, but he missed a frog splash. Perkins hit a dropkick off the second rope and got the tap out with the Kneebar. Kendrick was on commentary. 

Jericho and Stephanie talked backstage. Jericho mentioned that for 17 years, they've never had a problem with each other. Jericho confessed that earlier tonight, he got upset and put Stephanie's name on the list. Stephanie wished Jericho luck and said if Jericho makes the main event for Hell in a Cell and faces his best friend Owens, then "he'll know what to do." Jericho had a devious smile on his face. Owens walked up and wanted to know what that exchange was all about. Jericho only said "friendship." 

They honored Tito Santana as part of WWE Hispanic Heritage month. 

A tweet from Goldberg showed he would return to Raw next week in Denver for the first time since 2004 to answer Lesnar's challenge. 

Seth Rollins defeated Chris Jericho to keep the Universal Championship match at Hell in a Cell a singles match (19:12)

Rollins dominated early when Owens walked out. Shortly afterwards, Jericho got back on offense by draping Rollins across the top rope. Rollins fell on his injured ribs. Jericho worked the ribs with an abdominal stretch. Rollins came back with a Downward Spiral into the turnbuckles, followed by an enzuigiri and a Slingblade for a two count.

Jericho crotched Rollins on the top rope and went for a superplex, but Rollins dumped him off and went for a crossbody block, but Jericho dropkicked him into the ribs for another near fall. Jericho attempted the Codebreaker, but Rollins hit a superkick to the throat. Owens distracted Rollins outside the ring, but Rollins kicked him in the face. Rollins went for the flying knee, but Jericho caught his leg and clamped on the Walls of Jericho.

Long struggle for Rollins before he made the ropes in front of Owens, who promptly superkicked Rollins. Jericho covered him for a two count. Jericho missed a running plancha to the floor, and Rollins hit a tope on Owens. Rollins hit a springboard knee to Jericho's face, and fell on top of Jericho, as well. Rollins went to the top rope, but missed the frog splash. Jericho followed with a Lionsault for another two count. 

Jericho jumped off the top rope, but Rollins kicked him and went for the Pedigree. Jericho got a double leg takedown and went for the Walls again, but Rollins turned it into a small package for the pin. 

Owens immediately jumped Rollins after the match. Rollins turned the tables and went for the Pedigree, but Jericho saved Owens. Owens bailed as Rollins hit Jericho with the Pedigree. Again, the story was Owens didn't save Jericho when Jericho had just saved him.