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WWE Raw live results: Will Roman Reigns join the Clash of Champions main event?


The Big Takeaway --

On an otherwise dreary show, Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns had among the best Raw matches of the year. Owens won with a Pop-Up Power Bomb after Rusev distracted Reigns. On paper, this sets up Owens vs. Seth Rollins in a singles match at Clash of Champions.

However, Rollins defied the orders of Mick Foley to not interfere in the main event, as he jumped Owens. Foley told Rollins if he interfered there would be consequences. At first, Rollins' interference led to Owens winning by DQ, but Foley restarted the match. Also, Sasha Banks faces Charlotte for the WWE Women's Championship at COC after she pinned Bayley in a three-way match. And Chris Jericho takes on Sami Zayn at COC. 

Show Recap --

Mick Foley was in the ring wearing a clover green undershirt. He said Clash of Champions was the 1st-ever Raw exclusive PPV. He mentioned Becky Lynch winning the SmackDown Women's Championship, but said he believes Raw still delivers the premier institution for women's wrestling in the world today. He brought out Charlotte and Dana Brooke. 

Charlotte said she believes after last week, an apology was in order. Brooke started to say that Charlotte didn't need to apologize to her, but Charlotte said Brooke should apologize to her. She blamed her loss to Bayley on Brooke and said she's working to have the record books changed to pinning the loss on Brooke, who said she's sorry. Sasha Banks walked out and said she was winning the championship tonight. 

Bayley walked out and said she beat Charlotte last week, so maybe she deserves a shot at the championship. Banks told Bayley she has no friends when it comes to the women's championship, so Bayley needs to get to the back of the line. Charlotte brought up beating Banks at SummerSlam. Banks challenged her to a fight then and there. Charlotte said Banks doesn't get to dictate when she gets to defend her championship.

Foley said Charlotte was right, he gets to dictate when Charlotte defends the championship. Charlotte claimed that Bayley doesn't believe that Banks deserves the championship. Brooke said Bayley and Banks should have a best-of-7 series for the championship. Charlotte shouted down Banks for interrupting. Foley arranged a Bayley vs. Banks match with the winner facing Charlotte at COC.

Charlotte, for some reason, was mad at Brooke over that announcement. Charlotte started screaming at Brooke, who slapped Charlotte. Then Foley added Brooke to the match, making it a three-way. Brooke was clearly designed to get the biggest pop after the slap. 

Sasha Banks pinned Bayley in a triple threat match that also included Dana Brooke to earn a title shot at Charlotte at Clash of Champions (12:21) 

Banks hit the Bank Statement on Brooke, but Bayley made the save. Then Bayley hit Brooke with the Bayley-to-Belly, but Banks broke it up with a jackknife cradle on Bayley for the pin. Brooke worked with Bayley and Banks through the first four minutes and got more offense than anyone overall. When Banks and Bayley went one-on-one, there was a pop. Then they went to a commercial. There was the obligatory Tower of Doom spot where Bayley took a superplex while Banks power bombed Brooke. 

Brooke found Charlotte backstage and said she was sorry. Charlotte told her to shut up and get her bags. 

The Shining Stars were backstage trying to talk R-Truth to invest in time shares in Puerto Rico. They asked for his credit card. Truth was about to give it to him with Goldust stopped him. Enzo Amore and Big Cass walked up and called them con men. Enzo told Epico they had unfinished business. Epico insulted Enzo in Spanish. 

Tom Phillips interviewed Kevin Owens, who called Phillips "Tyler." Owens wanted to know if Tyler wanted him to say something like Roman Reigns doesn't belong in the same ring as him ever. Or that Foley is jealous of him. Owens told "Terry" there won't be a triple-threat match at Clash of Champions and he's walking out as Universal Champion.

Then Chris Jericho walked in and was mad that Foley pulled Owens out of appearing on the Highlight Reel. Instead, Sami Zayn will appear and he would expose the real Zayn. He would show that Zayn is a "stupid idio-it." 

Bo Dallas came out carrying a "Bo-Lieve in Bo" campaign sign. He's dropped the motivational speaker gimmick and cut a promo in a harsher tone telling the fans "Only I can Bo-Lieve in Bo."

Bo Dallas defeated Brandon Scott (1:12) 

After Brandon Scott got a few hope spots, Dallas won with the Roll of the Dice. 

Jericho and Zayn came out for the Highlight Reel. Jericho acted like he was now the best friend of the most popular guy in high school. Jericho said Zayn was the problem in the Zayn-Owens relationship. Zayn vowed to win the Universal championship, and said if Jericho really thinks Owens is his best friend, he really is a stupid idiot. Jericho said Zayn was just like the fans, a taker. Jericho is a giver, he gives people what he wants. He started to say the Gift of Jericho, but Zayn said that gift sucks. 

Zayn said Owens doesn't care about Jericho, doesn't care about the fans, he only cares about Kevin Owens. Jericho said Zayn was jealous that Owens was the longest reigning Universal champion in history, and Zayn was just Zayn. It led to Zayn saying he and Owens traveled the world trying to be like Jericho, Dean Malenko and Eddy Guerrero. He said Jericho was a 6-time world champion, but now he's been relegated to being Owens' bitch. 

Jericho said he got a text from Owens before the segment started. He started to show Zayn the text message, but cracked Zayn upside the head with his cell phone, then hit the Codebreaker. Foley later ordered a match between Jericho and Zayn at Clash of Champions. 

Cesaro defeated Sheamus in Match 5 of their best of seven series. Sheamus leads the series 3-2. (9:58)

Cesaro won after a schoolboy cradle while using the ropes. Sheamus worked over Cesaro's back with the Irish Curse and a Cloverleaf. Back and forth match where Cesaro escaped the High Cross before the finish. 

Foley talked with Seth Rollins backstage. Rollins didn't understand why Foley gave Reigns a chance at getting in the main event of Clash of Champions. Foley said Reigns was wrong at the Fatal Four Way every bit as much as Rollins. Rollins wanted to see Stephanie. Foley said Stephanie was in Singapore and she didn't care who the champion was. The only wins and losses she cared about was Raw vs. SmackDown.

Rollins said that was the most ridiculous thing he's ever heard and claimed Foley was in her pocket, then teased interfering in the main event tonight. Foley got upset at Rollins and warned him not to get involved. Rollins said if Foley thought Reigns was on the same level as Rollins, then Foley was just a fool. 

Nia Jax defeated Alicia Fox via referee stoppage (1:46)

Nia Jax did a pre-match interview saying she doesn't do crazy and she would tear Alicia Fox apart. She swung Fox against the hair outside the ring into the barricade left and right like she was swinging a baseball bat. Then Jax speared Fox through the bellkeeper's table. Fox was motionless. The match simply ended while Jax looked menacingly down at Fox. As Jax left, she got a surprising amount of cheers. 

New Day came out. Big E.'s new gimmick is has Booty-Os cereal in his boots and pours them out to fans holding out bowls at ringside. Xavier Woods talked about the ill-fated Old Day segment by Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows. Woods told Anderson and Gallows that entertainment was the New Day's thing, so "Don't mess with our thing."

Kofi Kingston said the segment lasted 5:37. Big E. said fans could have poured themselves a big bowl of Booty-Os in 5:37. Woods apologized for Anderson and Gallows wasting their time and dumping it into a cannister of fire.

Anderson and Gallows showed up. Anderson said New Day wore unicorn horns, sang dumb songs and they accused them of wasting people's time? 

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson defeated Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day in a non-title match (9:53) 

Anderson pinned Woods with the Magic Killer. Woods did an impressive Randy Savage Elbow on Anderson from three-quarters of the way across the ring. Gallows knocked Kingston out of the ring with a big boot to lead to the finish. More of a showcase for Anderson and Gallows as they worked over Kingston for the heat. 

Reigns did a backstage interview with Phillips. He said the only thing in his mind right now was getting to Clash of Champions. They only way to do that was kicking Owens' ass. 

Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves built up the crusierweights will debut next week. 

Jinder Mahal is now billed as "the man who comes in peace." He did a pre-match promo saying during his absence, he felt hatred towards everything and everyone. But he's learned to let all that go. He's spent time in the monasteries and found peace, then tried to get the fans to chant peace. 

Jinder Mahal defeated Jack Swagger (3:18) 

Mahal won with a neckbreaker after getting the knees up on a Swagger bomb. Not much to it. 

Phillips approached Swagger backstage. He said that it's no secret that Swagger's contract expires soon and what he was planning to do. Swagger just glared at Phillips and walked off. 

Enzo and Cass came out. Enzo said "Eskimo Zo"  wasn't sweating Epico. The Shining Stars are now handing out brochures to fans trying to sell time shares. They're almost doing Chavo Guerrero's Amway Salesman gimmick from 1999 Russo-era Nitro. Who could turn down that license to print money? 

Primo defeated Enzo Amore (3:18) 

Enzo did a tope on Epico after Cass gave Primo a big boot in a spot that developed at half the speed of smell. Enzo tried to suplex Epico back in, but Primo tripped Enzo and held his leg in the finish.  

Rollins approached Ownes backstage. Rollins told Owens he hoped Owens won tonight against Reigns. Rollins said since HHH was too much of a coward to show his face tonight, he couldn't think of anything better than beat up his golden boy. Owens mentioned that Rollins always had someone else doing his fighting for him, whether it was HHH, J&J Security, or Kane.

Owens said ever since Rollins returned from his injury, he's done nothing but fail. He's lost to Dean Ambrose, lost to Finn Balor, and lost to Owens. He said Rollins slogan of "Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim" was more like "Redesign, Rebuild, Replaced." 

Foley walked up and told Owens that was enough. Then he told Rollins he knew what Rollins was thinking, but ordered Rollins not to interfere in the match or else there would be consequences. 

WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens defeated Roman Reigns in a non-title match (21:39)

Originally, Rollins ran out and jumped Owens at 13:11, leading to Owens being declared the winner by DQ. Foley, Fit Finley and several other agents forced Rollins to the back, but a furious Foley screamed at Rollins to go into his office immediately because he disobeyed his orders. Then Foley restarted the match.

What unfolded was among the best Raw matches of the year. Reigns tried a superplex, but Owens turned it into the old ROH Go Home Drive for a near fall. Then Owens came back with a Frog Splash for another good two count. Owens missed a cannonball, Reigns went for a spear, Owens blocked it with a kick, but Reigns hit the Superman Punch for one of those great near falls where some of the fans cheer because they thought it was a three count.

Reigns caught a Drive-by outside the ring. Owens hit a superkick on Reigns, followed by two Cannonballs. Owens went for the Pop-Up Power Bomb, but Reigns escaped out the back door and rolled Owens into a School Boy Power Bomb, but Owens got out. Reigns called for the Spear, but Rusev ran out to distract Reigns, who gave Rusev a Superman Punch. But Owens ran up from behind and gave Reigns the Pop Up Power Bomb for the pin. 

Post-match, Reigns punished Reigns with a thrust kick. Lana came out on the ramp and ordered Rusev to give him the Accolade, which he did. There were a few fans chanting "Rusev." The show ended without Foley explaining what consequences awaited Rollins.