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WWE Raw live results: WrestleMania build continues in Jacksonville

Kevin Owens will respond to Steve Austin accepting his WrestleMania invitation.

Date: March 14, 2022
Location: VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, FL

The Big Takeaway --

RIP Scott Hall. 

Show Recap --

WWE announced on social media just as Raw started that Scott Hall (1958 - 2022) has passed away.

Condolences to the family and friends of Scott Hall.


Raw started with a recap of Kevin Owens’ promo last week and the video of Steve Austin accepting his invite to WrestleMania.

Owens entered to start the show. Owens began his promo with, “Hey yo,” and was delighted to announce that he was going to WrestleMania. Not only was he going to WrestleMania, but he would also be in the main event on Saturday because his guest on the KO Show was the greatest of all-time, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Owens said he used his large Canadian brain to come up with the idea of challenging the embodiment of Texas and he planned on smearing Austin all over Texas. The crowd chanted “USA.” Owens said we wouldn’t see a can of whoop-ass, we’d get a nice can of Canadian beer.

Owens admitted he doesn’t even like beer but would be glad to crack one open after he beats the hell out of Austin. “And that’s the bottom line because KO said so!” Owens stunned the cameraman who was in the ring.


As the below match was about to start, Austin Theory entered and they aired a long recap of the angle between him and Pat McAfee. Theory joined commentary.  

Damian Priest defeated United States Champion Finn Bálor in a non-title match (7:30)

Priest gave Bálor a Razor’s Edge onto the announce table which led to break 90 seconds into the match. Bálor fought back after the break and went up for Coup de Grace but stopped upon seeing Theory jumping on (and leaving) the apron.

Bálor gave Theory a shotgun dropkick into his leather chair but Priest gave Bálor a Reckoning for the pinfall win.

Once again, Theory gave Bálor an ATL before taking a selfie.


Kevin Patrick approached Seth Rollins and asked him about WrestleMania. Rollins just stared him down. There were chants of “Cody” in the background. 


Omos defeated Commander Azeez (w/Apollo Crews) (1:59)

Omos gave Azeez a suplex before hitting a tree slam for the pinfall win. Omos also chokeslammed Crews after the match.


An excited Owens approached Rollins and encouraged him to come up with his own idea for WrestleMania. He was a visionary after all. Owens mentioned all of the exciting things Rollins has done at Mania, including losing to him. Owens said maybe he could help Rollins come up with something. Rollins perked up and smiled before walking off. (Owens used another Scott Hall line here.) 


Earlier today, Queen Zelina told Carmella to focus on their title defense or else.

Liv Morgan (w/Rhea Ripley) defeated Tag Team Champion Queen Zelina (w/Carmella) (2:55)

Morgan took a swipe at Carmella who leaped on the apron and that allowed Zelina to bring her down from the ropes with a powerbomb. Ripley chased away Carmella who leaped into the lap of Corey Graves on commentary.

Morgan gave Zelina the Oblivian for the pinfall win. Zelina gave Carmella a look after the match.

Seth Rollins pranced out to his music as soon as this was over. 


They plugged the 3/16 release date of Austin’s newest lager.

There was a Brock Lesnar/Roman Reigns video.


Seth Rollins segment 

Rollins was pumped up and said he had a plan for WrestleMania. He invited Owens to join him in the ring and Owens entered.

Rollins said Owens had a talk show and maybe Rollins should have his own show too at Mania. Rollins could even have Steve Austin on as his guest. Owens said that was silly and suggested they go to the back.

Rollins agreed it was silly to have two different talk shows so he suggested they have a match tonight and the winner would get Austin on their show. Owens said no.

Sonya Deville entered. She liked the idea and booked them in a match for the main event. If Rollins wins, he does indeed replace Owens. Owens was pissed.


In the back, Owens explained to Deville why her idea didn’t make any sense. He rambled at her until they cut away.


Miz and Logan Paul entered to join commentary.

Rey & Dominik Mysterio defeated Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander (3:24)

The Mysterios gave Alexander a double 619 before Rey took out Benjamin with a Thesz press off the apron. Dominik gave Alexander a frog splash for the pinfall win.

Miz and Paul attacked the Mysterios post-match. Rey got rid of Miz which left Paul surrounded by the Mysterios. They dropped him on the middle rope and set up for the 619 but Miz yanked him from the ring.


They announced the Hall of Fame induction of “Queen Sharmell.”


Edge segment

Edge entered to new music: ‘The Other Side’ by Alter Bridge. 

Edge called himself the benchmark of WWE. He insulted the intelligence of the fans and called himself better than everyone in this industry, but he hasn’t shown that aptitude since coming back. He tried to satisfy the fans and that made him weak.

He realized that the fans don’t matter to him. It was their fault that Randy Orton injured him, that Rollins got the best of him, that the Aquaman cosplayer Roman Reigns stacked-pinned him at WrestleMania. If that Edge faced AJ Styles at WrestleMania, that Edge would lose.

Edge wouldn’t allow himself to be judged by Styles or anyone else in the locker room. The crowd chanted “you suck.” Edge said he would pass the verdicts around here from now on. Edge warned Styles that if he did make it to Mania, “you will be judged.”


Sarah Schreiber interviewed Bianca Belair and Belair offered the same explanation about using her hair as she did last week. Belair said Raw has been nice and peaceful since she cracked Becky Lynch in the throat. Belair planned on shutting her up for good at Mania. 

Veer Mahaan is coming.


Bianca Belair defeated Doudrop (8:00)

I believe this was the 9th time these two have had a match of some form in the past four months.

They took each other out two minutes into the match which led to a break. Belair kicked out a Michinoku driver and followed with a spinebuster and KOD for the pinfall win. The crowd once again popped big for Belair giving Doudrop the KOD.


After the match, Becky Lynch yanked Belair out of the ring by her braid and tossed her around ringside. Lynch wrapped a steel chair around Belair’s head/neck and yanked her by the braid into the ring post. This was good.

(I believe Lynch threatened to take Belair’s hair next week.) 


Randy Orton and Riddle entered for their championship celebration.


RK-Bro Championship Celebration 

Orton noted that this would be his 18th appearance at WrestleMania and it would be the sweetest one because he would be going into the show as tag champ for the first time. He thanked Riddle for always having his back. Orton said Riddle threw them a party last time they won the titles so Orton figured it was his turn. Orton admitted that he wasn't great at throwing parties.

Riddle said this was the greatest moment of his life. He noticed there were birthday balloons and figured it was because Orton knew his birthday was two months ago. Riddle also appreciated that he got him popcorn, which was his favourite. Orton admitted he just grabbed that from the concession stands. There was one more gift in a tiny bag but they didn’t specifically reveal what was inside.

The Street Profits entered and Riddle was excited that Orton invited them to the party. Montez Ford said they weren’t here for a party, they were here on business. Ford mentioned their win over RK-Bro a few weeks ago and he challenged them to a title match at Mania. Orton noted how much they had to go through just to get the titles back and declined their challenge.

Ford said they were done asking for opportunities around here, they were telling them that they were facing them at Mania. Orton informed them that no one has ever told them what to do in the ring during his entire career, not Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, or even Vince McMahon. Orton told Ford that he and his “homie” should leave the ring.

Riddle admitted that the Street Profits beat them and they do need opponents at WrestleMania. Riddle calmed Orton down. Orton told the Street Profits that they should be grateful for Riddle. Orton accepted the challenge and Ford was happy to hear it. He said the next time they were in Jacksonville, they’d throw them a party that wasn’t ass.

Riddle was offended that he insulted Orton’s party and challenged him to a match. Angelo Dawkins accepted on Ford’s behalf.


AJ Styles returns to Raw next week.

Tag Team Champion Riddle (w/Randy Orton) defeated Montez Ford (w/Angelo Dawkins) via DQ (9:00)

Riddle tried an overhead suplex outside the ring but Ford landed on his feet and hit a clothesline off the steel steps which led to break. Ford remained on offense after the break until Riddle came back with an Orton-inspired powerslam and draping DDT. Ford countered an RKO with an enziguri but Riddle came right back with the RKO.

Before Riddle could make a cover, Otis laid out Orton outside the ring while Chad Gable took out Dawkins. Riddle went after Otis but Otis knocked him down for the DQ.

Gable and Otis gave Dawkins a combo German suplex/discus clothesline. Otis then gave Ford a Vader bomb before Gable hit a moonsault.


The announcers spoke about Razor Ramon / Scott Hall.

There was a terrific tribute video for Scott Hall.

The crowd gave the video a standing ovation and followed with a “Razor” chant. 


Owens entered for the main event around 10:30pm. After a break, they plugged Austin’s beer again and Owens yelled at someone off-camera that he would start his own brand of milk. There was a long video package that included the promo we saw 90 minutes ago between Rollins and Owens. Rollins told Patrick how excited he was. Rollins entered and they went to break.

After the break, they told us that Belair was taken to hospital after Lynch’s attack.

The main event bell rang at 10:43pm.


Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins (16:16)

They went to break after Owens countered a dive and hit a senton. Owens used a tornado DDT before spiking Rollins with another DDT for two. Rollins fought back and hit a slingblade and springboard knee before hitting consecutive suicide dives — the second sending Owens over the announce table.

Owens barely beat the ten count but ran into a thrust kick. Rollins followed with a frog splash for a nearfall. They battled on the buckle which led to Owens hitting an avalanche fisherman suplex for a nearfall. He tried a senton but Rollins got his knees up. The crowd chanted “this is awesome.”

Owens fired back with a clothesline but Rollins countered a stunner into a schoolboy for two. This could’ve been a three but the referee was out of position because Owens almost collided with him.

Rollins pled with the referee before Owens hit him with a stunner for the pinfall win.

Owens retains his position at WrestleMania. Rollins, once again, is without a spot at WrestleMania. 

(No Cody Rhodes tonight.)