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WWE Raw ratings up slightly, big first-to-third hour drop


Going against a strong New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys game last night, Raw did 2.14 million viewers on average, the fourth lowest non-holiday number in modern history.

The number was slightly up from the 2.13 million viewers last week. The NFL was up 40 percent from last week, doing 14.00 million viewers, so it actually would have been expected to do much worse

Raw usually gets a noticeable bump coming off PPVs, and this past week, SmackDown, the day after Crown Jewel, seemed to get the bump. Until the quarters come out, it's unclear if the NXT presence was a difference maker on the show, as it did appear to be on SmackDown.

Raw finished fourth, behind only football related programming, in the 18-49 demo on cable. Overall it was 12th for the night, beating everything but news and NFL related programming on cable. It was down 12 percent from the same week last year.

9-1-1 with Ronda Rousey on FOX did 6.08 million viewers, trailing only Dancing with the Stars and The Voice on network television.

The bad news was the first-to-third hour drop of 22 percent was one of the biggest in the history of the show.

As far as where the drop came from, it was 23 percent in women 18-49, 21 percent in men 18-49, three percent with teenage girls, 19 percent with teenage boys, and 18 percent among those over 50.

The show built to an Adam Cole vs. Seth Rollins NXT title match in the main event position. The third hour was the third least watched hour Raw has had, beating only hour three this past Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

The three hours were:

  • 8 p.m. 2.36 million viewers
  • 9 p.m. 2.21 million viewers
  • 10 pm. 1.85 million viewers