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WWE Raw spoilers from London for tonight's show

John Cena issues the open challenge and Bad News Barrett accepts.

Cena b Barrett in just over 10:00.  Rusev attacked Cena after the match with a chain.  This set up the announcement that Cena vs. Rusev at Extreme Rules would be a Russian chain match.

Paige won a rushed Battle Royal for the title shot at Nikki Bella.  Naomi attacked Paige after the match. 

Lucha Dragons b The Ascension in a quick match.

Bray Wyatt interview. 

Roman Reigns was being interviewed when Big Show choke slammed him on a taxi that was on the stage.  Reigns did a stretcher job.  Fans were chanting "Suplex city" at Reigns.

Randy Orton b Cesaro via DQ in 2:00 when Tyson Kidd interfered.

Kane came out and restarted the match, saying it's now Orton vs. Kidd & Cesaro, and if Orton doesn't win, he loses his title shot.

Orton b Kidd & Cesaro by pinning Kidd after the RKO. 

Dean Ambrose b Adam Rose with Dirty Deeds.

They had announced Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler, but Rollins doesn't want the match so Kane will face Rollins.

Stardust b Fandango.  They played Fandango's old music which got a huge reaction.  Actually that got the biggest reaction of the show.  But a quick match.

Kane just laid down and let Rollins pin him after teasing he would fight Rollins.

Damien Mizdow b The Miz with a roll-up.

Ryback b Luke Harper via DQ.  Ambrose ran in after the match.

Dolph Ziggler b Neville - Great match.  Sheamus laid out Ziggler after the match.

The final segment is Randy Orton with Seth Rollins.  The gimmick is that each man could name one stipulation for their title match.  Rollins said the RKO was pinned.  Orton said it would be a cage match.  They ended up brawling at the end.