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WWE Raw spoilers: World Heavyweight Title tournament begins


From reports:

- HHH came out with the WWE title belt on a table in the ring. He said that Seth Rollins was injured, the title is vacant, and there will be a tournament starting tonight. Roman Reigns came out and vowed to win the tournament.  HHH invited him to join The Authority and take Rollins' spot. Reigns turns him down, so HHH announces Reigns has to face Big Show in the first round.

- Tournament Match: Roman Reigns beat Big Show with a spear.  The crowd did everything but pay attention to this match.  It was the crowd getting themselves over here.

- Tournament Match: WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens beat Titus O'Neil with the power bomb.

- Becky Lynch beat Paige with a roll-up. Paige attacks her after the match and lays her out with the PTO on a table.  Big reaction to that.

- Tournament Match: Dolph Ziggler b Miz with a superkick.

- Natalya beat Naomi

- Tournament Match: Cesaro beat Sheamus when Wayne Rooney of Manchester United fame distracted Sheamus.  

- Tournament Match: Dean Ambrose beat Tyler Breeze with a schoolboy to advance in the tournament.

- WWE Tag Team Champiosn The New Day beat Neville & The Usos in a six-man.

- Bray Wyatt did an interview with the Wyatt Family out.  Undertaker & Kane came out to confront them, and cleaned house.