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WWE RAW: Steve Austin now advertised for tonight's show, possible expansion of podcast guests

Steve Austin

WWE sent out a press release Monday afternoon listing former WWF Champion and legend "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as appearing on tonight's edition of Monday Night RAW. Earlier today in ads for the show, Austin was not listed.

The press release was built around Brock Lesnar being both on Raw and on Austin's podcast, but listed that Lesnar would be joined by Austin, Shawn
Michaels, and Ric Flair on Raw.

Interestingly, the press release does not mention Undertaker as being on Raw, only mentioning him as being Lesnar's opponent in the Hell in a Cell main event on Sunday. They also promoted that going forward, the Austin podcasts would feature "the biggest names in WWE as well as in the world of sports or entertainment", which seems to indicate they are looking past just WWE talent and employees for future guests.

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